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Work Experience vs. Education: Which is the best path to land an ideal job?


We all come across occasions where a potential employer will reject our application for the job because of lack of experience which is evident on our resume. Then again, they do not really consider the fact that the lack of experience is because you were investing all your time in getting education with a higher education degree program. The debate that revolves around whether work experience or education can land a better job for you is almost as old as the higher education itself.

Now there are many arguments that can both land for and against this debate. One of the arguments can be that higher education does not guarantee work success and can only show an academic side of the student. The second argument can be the fact that higher education might not translate into the skills required for work.The third argument, which has often stated that higher education develops a person in all aspects and provide necessary skills which can be smartly translated into work success. Additionally, work experience does not always mean you will be successful at your job. Today’s guest post is going to talk about reasons why education should always be more important than work experience in the initial stages of your life.

Education is a journey

A brief work experience stint or a training program does not give you a complete development cycle and process, whereas going through years of learning and education prompts you to develop in different stages in a planned process. This helps you gain a long term advantage that will prepare you to adapt to any situation. A short work experience will only result in short term benefit and over a long term, that experience might not stay relevant. This is why education and imparting higher education amongst students is so crucial in the developmental stages of their lives.

Education is not just books

Education is not just books, it is a human development of a lot of different perspectives. You learn manners, you develop a personality and become an individual who would contribute to his organization. By just gaining a work experience, you will stay deprived of all such important learning. This is why, for people who are dropouts, it takes so long to develop these basic personality traits which are important in a successful individual over a long period of time.

Education teaches you different skills

At work, you only learn the skills relevant to your job and nothing more. Your employers will not also give you enough time to learn other skills. This is where the difference between an educated individual and someone who is just relying over on the job learning is.

Education is recognized around the world

Where you graduate from and your grades are widely accepted around the world. Your work experience might not be relevant, but your degree from a reputable institution will always be considered as a heavy weight around the world wherever you go looking for an opportunity. This is why education always wins over a small work experience.

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