Wear Designer Indowestern

Fusion has always been very prevalent in our country. So it was no surprise when fusion was introduced to clothing as well and the new Indowestern style was introduced. Indowestern is basically the amalgamation of the traditional Eastern wear with the modern western wear. It gives a very distinct look to the wearer as it is quite unique in nature.  A number of designing houses are investing precious time in designing attractive Indo-western wear. There is wide range of Indowestern apparel to choose from for both men and women. Many kids wear too are being designed based on this format. Studio de royale punjabi bagh is one of the most ighly recognized stops for shopping for the latest Indowestern wears.


Types of Indowestern apparel

The variety in Indo-western wear is overwhelming and there are quite a few which have become popular with the modern crowd. These are very well designed thus making it very smart and elegant. They have the perfect mixture of western look with the classic and traditional style of eastern or Indian wear. Some of the types of Indowestern apparel are as below:

  • Indowestern lehenga

These are popular among brides these days. They are lehengas which have a bit of a western cut to them. They generally look like flowing gowns which are have a western neckline or hem work. Many brides too are opting for these Indowestern lehengas as it gives a very unique look without straying too far from the traditional look.

  • Indowestern sherwani

These are very popular in the wedding season these days. They perfectly incorporate the’ bandh galas’ with the western suit style. They give the sherwani a very formal yet classic look. It is very stylish as it gives the wearer an edge over guys wearing normal traditional sherwani. It is the perfect amalgamation of style and comfort.

  • Indowestern gowns

These gowns are designed in the eastern style but with add on western style. They are flowing skirt gowns with a lot of layers. Generally they are made of chiffon or georgette making them light and comfortable.

  • Indowestern kurtis and anarkalis

Anarkalis and kurtis are the most popular eastern wear among women. Now with the advent of fusion these kurtis and anarkalis are getting a western spin and they are looking more western than ever. The styling is done in such a way that the beauty of the eastern wear is maintained but with the addition of the western chic.

  • Indowestern suits

These suits are based on the idea of amalgamating western suits and eastern half sherwani. Studio de royale punjabi bagh is the one stop shop for such Indowestern suits for men.

  • Indowestern winter wear

Winter wear is too now getting a revamp as many types of Indowestern style jackets and blazers are being designed.

  • Indowestern kids wear

Kids these days love to dress like adults and the kid’s apparel market is not behind in meeting their demands. Indowestern dresses and t-shirts for children have gained much popularity with the consumers.

Indo-western apparels have taken the market by the storm and are here to stay.