Type of Window Blinds – How Can You Get The Most Affordable Ones?

While choosing window blinds for your homes, you have to keep in mind the measurement of the window, the color of your room, and the material with which the blind is made. If you use materials like wood, bamboo and plastic, the blinds will be easy to clean and maintain, but if you choose aluminum or metallic blinds, you can hire professional blind cleaning companies.

A woman on the windowsill at home

What are the various types of blinds that you can install?


  1. Solid Blinds

These are the most basic types of blinds. These are mostly used as shades as they can either be completely lowered or completely raised. You can find these commonly in roadside cafeterias or small restaurants where they can be opened during the day and closed while there is any form of cleaning or internal activity going on.

  1. Slat Blinds

Slats are the most commonly seen blinds, usually made of metals or vinyl. You can find them in horizontal or vertical forms and the slat rotatesto 180 degrees allowing light or blocking it. These are usually attached to a string which allows the user to rotate these with ease. Such blinds are mostly found in office cabins, at homes and even at certain restaurants. They can also be folded upwards or sidewise in order to completely. These days, you can also find slats made of a variety of fabrics and colors which can be great if you are looking to match these to your interiors.

  1. Venetian Blinds

These are a variant of the horizontal slats that are positioned as one above the other. They are attached via a cord or a strip of cloth. Again these are available in various types and options. You can browse through the Internet to find multiple options and see the various innovations that manufacturers make. You can find these in multiple sizes and forms for sure.

  1. Automobile Blinds

Another common type of blinds is the one that you usually use for your car or trucks.

  • Automobile blinds are very simple to install and use.
  • The main purpose is to protect the interiors of the vehicle from heating up due to extreme temperature. You can attach them to the windows or the front glass and most of them come with suction cups.
  • These days, there are also static cling options that you get for auto blinds.
  • Colors of blinds can vary according to different locations and where they need to be installed. In fact, you can customize your designs after talking to an interior designer. The nature of the material, the design and color will also help to determine the cost of the blind. There are reasonably cheap options if you are looking for something within a budget and if you don’t mind to splurge a few bucks, you can also get some really good ones with elegant designs.

How can you choose colors for home and office?

Depending on the nature of your establishment or the interiors of your house and the size of your windows, you can choose the kind of blind that you would want to install. It is always better to avoid dark-colored blinds in offices, as colors like Red, Bright pink or orange really distract their attention.

Also different styles of blinds have different processes for installation. While some can be very simple, some might need an expert or some set of skills to be correctly installed. Remember, these can be a great functional and decorative addition to your place so make a choice after you have gone through all the options available to you. If you’ll do research a bit online, you willdefinitely be able to find a good window blinds for your home.