Top 5 states in India to get training for Oracle Certification exam

In order to maintain and update the existing database systems, and to create the new ones, organizations constantly try to look for skilled database administrators, who can match up to their expectations. There are several states in India, where one can find out the best Oracle certification centers, following a steady career path.


As India is gradually turning out to be the global hub for data repository and software maintenance, large multinational organizations are establishing their data centers in various Indian cities. Given the fact that the huge databank held in India, it is required to maintain the data in the most professional manner, so that those organizations can run their businesses smoothly. Now, in order to maintain such huge databases of the organizations, a huge number of database administrators are required, and these will be the people, who will be solely responsible for maintaining and updating the databases.

Considering various database environments, Oracle is the most useful one, and almost all of the organizations follow this particular database environment. That is the reason, why people with Oracle DBA certification are in demand in the present time. Considering India, there are few states, which are predominantly known for business and IT hubs of India, and these are the places, where people mostly go for this certification. Following are five of those states:

  • Maharashtra

This is the state, where the most number of institutes encourage their students to go for Oracle certification exam. As this is the financial capital of India, most of the nationalized banks, private banks, Bombay Stock Exchange, foreign banks, and even the Reserve Bank of India have opened their dedicated data centers. As the demand for skilled and knowledgeable database administrators is quite soaring here, clearing this certification exam can bring you a high paying job in a large and reputed multinational organization. For a fresh Oracle database administrator, the salary in Mumbai region of Maharashtra can go up to more than twelve lacs per annum and for an Oracle certified database manager, the same go up to more than twenty three lacs per annum.

  • Chennai

Considering the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) domain of IT industry in India, Chennai is the name of the state, where you can get the major national and multinational IT firms, with their BFSI domains in place. Therefore, it is not hard to assume their need for skilled database administrators. Engineering institutes and software training institutes in Chennai are preparing their students for Oracle certification exam and the pay scale for a fresh database administrator can start from more than one and half lacs per annum.

  • Karnataka

While talking about Karnataka, Bangalore has been the Silicon Valley of India over years. You talk about any software firm, and you can find that in Bangalore. Consequently, it is beyond doubt that the IT hub of India will be requiring the huge number of database administrators every year. Therefore, perhaps finding out a good Oracle training institute there can be the easiest task. Optimal career path after an Oracle certification can be the smoothest in Bangalore.

  • West Bengal

Being the maintenance hub of the major IT firms in India, you can find large number of Oracle DBA certification centers based in Kolkata and Durgapur. However, compared to the other three states already mentioned, the career options are comparatively less lucrative, but in order to get a kick start for a career, this is the place, where you should be.

  • Andhra Pradesh

Right after Bangalore, the next IT hub is going to be Hyderabad, and therefore, it is not a very critical task to find out the cropping number of Oracle training centers over there. Though the number is small yet, and so as the career opportunities, in coming few years the scenario is going to transform.

Therefore, in case you want a sturdy career path after Oracle certification, these are the states and the cities, you should be looking for.