Top 10 Things to Do to Enjoy a Fulfilling Salesforce Career


It can be tough to find a job and it can be even tougher to find a job that you enjoy and lets you progress to your career objective. By the time you have acquired your Salesforce qualifications and a bit of industry experience you will understand if a career in Salesforce development or administration is your cup of tea. Even if you are seriously passionate about customer relationship management and you see in yourself all the qualities that are necessary for you to grow rapidly, you can assure yourself of a fulfilling career if you keep a few points in mind. Presenting herewith the top ten Salesforce career development tips:

Acknowledge Your Skills

Apart from your technical skills, try and identify what it is that you really love doing. You could be adept in problem solving but are there specific areas that seem to inspire you? Do you enjoy interacting with colleagues or customers and feel on top of the world working in a team? Are there specific domains that challenge you to do your best? By doing an analytical scan of your past experiences you can identify within yourself certain traits that you can leverage to put your career on the fast track. This strategy really works because not only are you then doing stuff that you are good at but things that give a sense of satisfaction. You will soon know if you have made the right choice because of the applause you will be receiving from your boss and colleagues.

Take Initiative

Always be on the lookout for fresh opportunities or new responsibilities in your work area. These can very effectively plug holes in your knowledge base and contribute to a well-rounded professional profile. Being adventurous and full of spunk can also get you noticed by the senior management who will then be eager to make you a part of new company initiatives and that’s a surefire way of rapid career progression.

Invest In Skill Acquisition

The work environment does not remain static and neither does competition. Be critical of yourself, if need be seek out the opinion of your bosses and co-workers and attend to the stuff that needs improvement. It could be certain technical skills that you lack or it could even be soft skills like speaking in public and making presentations.

Show That You Are a Leader

If your managers notice that you are ever ready to help out even if you are not expected to do so, you will automatically be recognized as a natural leader and as somebody who’s not afraid to come to the fore. Good managers always lead from the front and your keenness to do so will pay rich dividends.

Be Part of a Team

In your effort to stand out, you should never forget that you remain a part of the team and you should consciously attempt to contribute in such a way that the performance of the team improves. You will not only be recognized as a performer but more importantly a team-player who never abandons the team for individual interests.

Tackle Issues Head-On

When you are working in a demanding environment there are so many issues and concerns that will need to be attended else they will affect the company performance. Since there is little point in wishing them away, adopt a conscious strategy to face the challenges and work out solutions.

Spend Time Wisely

There will always be insufficient time to do all the things that you are supposed to do, so it is very important that you prioritize your work, learn to delegate and expand your time by doing things more efficiently. Use your commute time to tackle your email, instead of looking out of the window!

Manage Stress

If you have more than a full day and you are working aggressively to build a career for yourself it is not unlikely that you will face stress and quite a lot of at that. Remember for you to be at your productive best, you need to be able to unwind and manage stress effectively. Do not neglect your physical fitness – make time for a morning walk or do yoga or whatever that works for you.

Give Importance to Personal Life

Working in a highly-competitive environment, it can never be easy to find the ideal work-life balance. Be as it may, it is vital that you do not allow your professional life to intrude into your personal life. Spend quality time with family and friends, and do not think of catching up on work during the weekends.

Be Quizzical

One of the best ways of expanding your knowledge horizon is to be immensely curious. Ask yourself why a certain thing is what it is; ask about the people that you work with and for so that you know why they behave as they do. By getting to know more about people, you can actually forge relationships and connections that can be professionally and personally beneficial.