Tips to Maintain your Carpet Sweeper

What is a Carpet Sweeper?

A carpet sweeper as the name suggests is a device that is primarily used to clean carpets. It usually comprises a small box that has rollers and brushes connected by gears or belts. It also has a small container for the accumulated dirt. When pushed on the floor, the rollers are made to rotate such that they sweep the dirt and push it into the device. Carpet sweepers have long handles that can be adjusted as per the required height. Although, these devices have largely been overshadowed since the arrival of the domestic or commercial vacuum cleaner, many people still use them for a variety of reasons.


Why use a Carpet Sweeper?

Let us look at some reasons why carpet sweepers are still popular in terms of everyday usage:

  • Lightweight: Carpet sweepers are quite lightweight, especially in comparison to vacuum cleaners. Maneuvering them around floors is comparatively much easier. They can be easily stored and do not take up much space.
  • Quiet: One of the biggest advantages of using a carpet sweeper is the fact that they make no noise during the process of cleaning. Thus, they are excellent when one wants to clean without disturbing others. Also, with infants, old people and patients this becomes a huge advantage.
  • Power saving:As compared to vacuum cleaners, they take up much less electricity and eventually end up saving power. Some carpet sweepers also work without electricity and are the much- preferred option amongst students who share dorms or flats.
  • Cost:Carpet sweepers cost lesser than vacuum cleaners. For those who need a machine that enables decent cleaning without being a burden on the pocket, carpet cleaners can be a great option.

How to Maintain a Carpet Sweeper?

Buying and cleaning with a carpet sweeper is easy enough. The part, which flusters many customers, is where the care, cleanliness and maintenance of the cleaner in itself is concerned. Let us look at some ways in which one can keep their carpet cleaner well maintained and clean:

  • Cleaning of the Brush: The most important part that needs cleaning in a carpet sweeper is the rotor brush. To remove it one can turn the device upside down and dislodge it from the panel that holds it in place. It can be replaced back after a thorough cleaning.
  • Emptying of the Sweeper: Each carpet sweeper has a box or container where all the dust and dirt accumulates. To remove that turn the device upside down and dislodge it on top of a dustbin or a wastepaper basket. Shake the container to remove all the dirt.
  • Washing:The carpet sweeper should be cleaned on a regular basis and each part should be cleaned at least every one or two months, depending upon usage. This ensures the longevity and efficiency of the device.
  • Maintenance: Last but not the least, keep the device in a clean place and do not let it remain unused for very long periods of time. This again ensures longevity of the product.