Taste, Enjoy, and Celebrate Beirut Nightlife

As a tourist visiting Lebanon the desire to enjoy the atmosphere of Beirut Nightlife should make you eager to know where the banging spots are located and what to expect. Though you can hang out every day across the city, there are limitations if you are a dance enthusiast, or you are shopping for classical music. Apart from this, all else is game, and you can join the late night party till the sunrises.

Taste, Enjoy, and Celebrate Beirut Nightlife

Here is an outline to help your taste:

Hemmingway’s Bar and Cigar Lounge

At the Move n pick Hotel & Resort, located in Raoucheh at the heart of Beirut, you will find Hemmingway’s Bar and Cigar Lounge. It is a good spot if you are in for the cocktail bar, cigar lounge, or the outdoor terrace. You will find here a mix of tourists, businessmen and local celebrities. Apart from being a melting pot of the high and mighty at night, it also offers afternoon tea, which comes in the traditional Lebanese flavour. You are also able to catch a glimpse of the ocean front from the terrace of this exotic spot.


On the Mahatma Gandhi Road in Beirut, you find the Ferdinand, and it has earned its place as a Beirut nightlife rated hangout. This location is a spot where you find students hanging out as a result of the proximity of their tertiary education campus.  Here, you find select cocktails that rank as one of the best in all of Beirut. You can also grab some snacks, burgers and other fast food here.

The C-Lounge

Within the Bay View Hotel of Rafik El Hariri, is the C-Lounge with its exotic location on the sixth floor of this well laid out hotel. You find people trooping in and out with their cocktails in hand to enjoy the open air. At winter, it is advisable to go along with a wrap, so can you comfortably sit back and enjoy the ambience and smooth music as it filters from the select high definition speakers.

Bank Night Club

The Bank Night club is located at the Rue Batroun and is a testament to the nature of Beirut nightlife that it operates as a bastion of live music than as a nightclub in the real sense of the word. There are regular performances by Lebanon’s best-rated DJs. It also hosts an enormous bar within its confines which can take up to 50 people at a time. The interior is posh and unique with a mix of unique designs and comfortable chairs.


You find the swanky Cassino at the Rue Damascus in Beirut, and it completes the listing for Beirut nightlife reviews with its celebrity and glitterati set out of the nation’s capital. Top pop music rends the air till 2 am when local artistes take the dance floor till the club shuts down in the morning.