The successful running of Gospel for Asia

Usually the person who conveys the Word of God is regarded as the messenger of God.  There are many people who are still unaware of the true meaning of love and life and hence one must take up the responsibility of making them believe in life and spreading the message of Christ to the world. Whether one accepts or not, but each of us are sinful by birth and hence we need to pray to God to wash away all our faults and sins and enlighten our lives to take the right path, making our lives happier.

KP Yohannan , a spiritual man of values and principles, believes that God is omnipotent and people should be aware of his life and the love and sacrifices made by Jesus Christ. Words of Gospel is all about the life history of Jesus Christ. It teaches people about love and sacrifice for others, helping the poor and needy and living life with peace. He has founded Gospel for Asia, one of the largest Christian Missionary NGO having wings in different Asian countries such as India, Bhutan, China, Bangladesh, Thailand, Myanmar and more. The main purpose of the organization is to help the people in understanding the holy words of the Bible and the value of gospel teaching and how to implement these teachings in your daily life to make it fruitful and better.

The secrets of salvation:

People who do not know the actual purpose of living life or how to stay happy or seek ways to attain salvation, need to read the holy Gospel. KP Yohannan who was born in 1950 and raised in one of the famous districts of Kerala, India and later he joined evangelical mission for 8 years and served the people. Later, he along with his wife and children founded the NGO, Gospel for Asia in order to spread the message of Christ to the people who are unknown to him and unaware about his sacrifices that Christ made in his life. He has authored more than 200 books trying to answer some of the pivotal questions of life that people always seek for. It is all about which path you choose in your life because happiness and success is not attained until you receive the blessings of our loving God.

As a devotee to God:

Ensuring that all people know and understand the real purpose of life and live their life happily,there are many people who completely devote themselves to the service of God and keep on spreading the words of the Holy Bible. KP Yohannan has completely devoted his life in serving God and his children. He has dedicated his life in providing training and teaching to the missionaries and volunteers who will carry out the job of spreading the messages of God among the unaware people. To summarize it, the overview of the Gospel is to help each other and keep the humanity alive in this modern technological world. This world is filled with several materialistic things and people get attracted to these things. They need to read Gospel, understand the real meaning and essence of life, and learn the secrets of living a happy life.