Smart Time to Buy a New Home in Old Madras Road

Anyone looking for a property in Bangalore would now find a large number of options available. However one would also notice that there is a trend favouring the construction of affordable housing. The affordable housing demand is a direct consequence of the recession that hit the property sector a few years earlier. There is also demand for luxury housing including independent homes, but the number of units in that category is far lesser than the affordable homes.


Affordable housing relies on the principle of economies of scale. This entails that the builders would optimize unit size as well as the project features to make them more affordable. However the endeavour is always to prevent the degradation of lifestyle. This is a prime investment opportunity in Bangalore. However there is one project currently development, off the Old Madras Road. This project is called Salarpuria Sattva East Crest. The name comprises of the name of the builder in the first two words. The builder is one of the oldest in Bangalore city and perhaps that is why he is able to offer the project in this category.

Why is East Crest a Good Investment Opportunity?

East Crest offers apartments as well as societal amenities that are far greater than any affordable housing project. The location as well as the future prospects of property value appreciation is the second major benefit of investing in the project. All in all, this is one project which offers a lot more in an affordable price. It is worth clearing up that the project prices in East Crest are not the lowest. However they are very much with the reach of the buyers for all the amenities that are worth.


Benefits of the project

The project site lies close to the Bangalore airport and there is also a good road access to other parts of Bangalore as well as Electronic City. Within the premises, the builders have offered all the amenities that relate to the utilitarian, socializing and health needs of the residents. The project comes with its own rain water harvesting system and sewage disposal system. There is a provision for a pharmacy and a clinic in the premises as well. This would ensure that the residents do not have to go far for their health monitoring. A convenience store would also be available in the premises to ensure that the regular needs of the residents are met. The builders have built an amphitheatre for organizing outdoor functions. They also have created an auditorium for indoor functions. There is an additional availability of a coffee shop with in the complex. The elders have their own spot created for socializing.

For games, there is a cricket field, along with provision for playing squash, tennis and basketball. There is also a small swimming pool, gym, sauna, Jacuzzi and spa. A jogging track has also been constructed. Additionally, a skating rink has been provided for the end users interested in rollerblading and skating.


In Conclusion

All the aforementioned provisions are outlined in detail in the project description on Additionally, the portal has made available its proprietary Slice View tool to help interested buyers inspect individual accommodations of Sattava East Crest virtually. If an apartment is liked, then the buyer can go ahead and book it online as well.