Set Up a Smart Business by Virtual Receptionist

The world is opting for everything smart- a smartphone, smart house and even smart cities. To survive in this scenario it is  the only right thing to do is making the business smart. A smart receptionist can help achieve that without much fuss.


Running a business is a challenging task and a virtual receptionist can make a lot of difference to the way it functions. As the name suggests, this person works remotely and helps in the keeping the business connected with its’ clients.

The way it works

The main responsibility of a virtual receptionist is to answer phone calls on behalf of the business and professionally answer queries. It can also give a small business an edge and the smart functioning of a big business. Integrating into such a service can free up a lot of time for the busy business owner enabling him or her to concentrate on other avenues that need attention.

There is always someone at the other end

A virtual receptionist will stop calls from going to the voice-mail. The calls will be answered professionally and connections made. The necessary calls will be diverted to be answered and general queries answered immediately. It provides certain credibility to the business when there is a dedicated business line that can be called and someone is there to answer it.

Some other advantages

A smart business stays ahead of the competition. If the competitor uses a similar service then it is better to use one as well so as not to lose out on business. On the other hand, if a competitor has an inadequate phone service, one can gain an edge over it by hiring a virtual receptionist who can ensure that even a single call does not go unanswered.

The cost of hiring a virtual receptionist is less than that of a traditional one. Also one needn’t go through the arduous process of conducting interviews. A virtual service costs 20% less and provides the same service or more.

Things to keep in Mind

It is important to do some research before hiring a remote answering service. There are different kinds of services available and the charges for these are different. For example the charge for taking messages is different from answering general queries, diverting calls or making appointments.

As a small business owner, the smart thing to do is to figure out whether remote help is needed and if so what for. This is help the business to figure out the cost and if it is at the end of the day, affordable and profitable for the business.

Even with the presence of traditional receptionist, businesses lose out on calls as it is impossible for one person to answer all. Virtual receptionists can handle these calls and can prove invaluable when the phone is out of reach or the owner is in a meeting and needs to be reached by family or in a client emergency.

The ideal time to hire a remote receptionist would be when in spite of the presence of a traditional receptionist calls are not being answered or stuff is on sick leave and more specialised tasks need to be performed.

A smart business knows how to keep its customers happy and that can be achieved by a good customer service.

A happy clientele means better and more business opportunity and a virtual receptionist can help with that by providing information when required, answering important calls and making sure that one doesn’t lose out on opportunities.