Here are Scodix SENSE technology’s Answers to Web to Print Needs

Both web ordering and digital print technologies anywhere around the world have brought to be a growing market for web to print and photo books. Every print service provider knows that such digital technology ensures the customer gets what he or she really wants, including a diverse highly attractive range of applications, at the same time raising the profitability of the printer. These include the printing of business cards, invitation cards, calendars, book covers, greeting cards, photo albums and wedding albums.


Enter Scodix SENSE technology

If a printing service provider brings in house the Scodix SENSE technology, premium enhancements are offered and they bring products to a whole exceptional quality and value level difficult to accomplish before. While the quality and value of printing create products every customer delights in, the service provider is able to offer low cost printing for every page including a very high turnaround time to continue delighting customers with one of the freshest services at a wonderful price they will surely love.

An effective head start

Scodix presses provide a genuine differentiation through digital enhancement via Scodix Sense that stands out on a sheet, literary. On every online order made, Scodix digital enhancements provide a tangible diversity anyone can see. The enhancement presses of Scodix digital work hand in hand with the unique Scodix SENSE for that great unique experience that will put all web products on a pedestal of their own.

At the same time, high gloss, including variable densities, have an effect on any online order made. This includes matting to glossy solutions up to about 99 GU or gloss units. Polymer height of around 250 microns is also a quality to look forward to, more than a hundred times above selective varnish. Capabilities of variable density range from a single percentage to about 100 percent.

Scodix enhancement digital presses

Through Scodix Ultra, Scodix Rainbow and Scodix S Series presses, every printing service provider has a chance to make one of the most outstanding contributions to products value that allows the setting up of prices accordingly.

Glitter output

It is obvious that glitter has a way of immediately catching the eye, especially for young people. The Scodix Digital Glittering option is a unique experience from a digital in-house glittering station of the Scodix Rainbow. The glitter is printed on areas of choice for a shiny and sparkling touch that gives any online product glamour it so deserves. In fact, proofing glitter is very easy if a customer is to ensure the online experience is a unique one. Proofing by a customer can be done even before printing has been done. This is completed through viewing the product by using the ultimate digital glittering review software, Scodix SPARK option on a screen.

Through Scodix SPARK, the printing of certain Web-to-print applications and digital embossing is the best you will ever see, such as greeting cards, wedding invitations and photo albums. Any printing service provider looking for the ultimate way of retaining customers, attracting new customers and remaining as profitable as possible will love the offerings of Scodix.