Recycle at work – without too much work

The unfortunate truth is that our world has a finite amount of resources which may soon lead to a serious crisis. This problem however, is completely avoidable by just finding a different approach to what we do with these resources after we use them. Therefore, it is essential that we recycle, both at home and at work. The greatest setback here is that some people either have no habit of recycling or find it ťime consuming, and thus inconvenient. So, in order to make it all more straightforward, here are some guidelines of how to make recycling at work as simple as possible.

Recycling paper

First things first – there is an incredible statistic that average office worker prints as much as 10.000 sheets of paper on annual basis. Now, if we were to observe this not as invaluable office material, but potential waste, the results are truly devastating. First thing you should do as a conscientious and planet-aware office manager is to encourage your employees to recycle. Next, you should make an effort to further improve the recycle-bin coverage of your office. Finally, there is always option of going one step further and using recycled paper for your printing efforts in the first place.

Refilling ink

Now, we already mentioned how much gets printed in the office, but some tend to forget that paper is not the only thing required for this process. A lot of ink gets used too, and ink cartridges need to be recycled as well. On the other hand, there is an earth friendly way to make a difference here. This solution lies in refilling already used cartridges with toner ink. The process is quite simple and all that you will require is a needle, syringe, a piece of duct tape and of course some old newspapers in order not to make a mess out of your office.

Donation is salvation

In the end, probably the best advice when it comes to recycling at work is to always think if this item could still be used by someone before throwing it away. Sometimes, you may get a new piece of tech and thus find your old one to no longer be necessary. Sure, it is incredibly difficult to sell an outdated device, but you could always donate it rather than just throw it away. Same goes for furniture pieces in your office and even if it is a bit worn out or no longer “in” there must be someone who can put it to good use. In other words, throwing things away should always be your last option. Before replace your old funitures, you can buy new furnitures from online website such as Muji in Singapore.

As you can see, recycling at work is not that difficult as it is, but with just a bit of your effort and interest it could be made so much easier. Needless to say, if we are to act as agents of our planet’s salvation this is a step that we absolutely must take. On the other hand, not only can you do a good deed, but by following some steps like using recycled paper, you can even do right by your budget – which is never a small feat.