A Quick Guide to a Mommy Makeover

As any motheris well aware, having children can take quite a toll on the body. The weight fluctuation during, and after pregnancy can leave breasts sagging and the tummy a little on the flabby side. There really is no avoiding it, you just have to let nature take its course, but sometimes exercising and dieting—while definitely beneficial—cannot fix some of the problems resulting from childbirth.


There has been a recent trend in which mommies seek out cosmetic procedures in order to reverse the effects of pregnancy and motherhood. The following is a quick breakdown of the most common cosmetic procedures related to the “Mommy Makeover Procedure” trend:

  1. Breast Augmentation:

A common result of breastfeeding and the weight gain related to pregnancy is sagging breasts. There are really no natural ways to reverse the effects and get back those old breasts, which is why more and more people are turning to breast augmentation. Breast augmentation makes the breasts perkier and shapelier by enhancing their size with implants. Studies have shown that about a third of all mothers’ breasts go back to the way they were prior to the pregnancy, while another third tend to have larger breasts than they did before.

  1. Tummy Tuck:

Another common sagging problem happens with the stomach—for obvious reasons. Stretch marks are very common, but some mothers also experience a collection of loose, sagging skin in the abdominal area. There are many cosmetic procedures that can get rid of the excess skin—like the tummy tuck—because sometimes diet and exercise cannot alone solve the problem. Oftentimes fat is not the problem, it is just loose, extra skin.

  1. Cosmetic Genitoplasty (Labiaplasty):

It is also fairly common for mothers to get cosmetic genitoplasty performed after birth (especially if they did not have a C-section when giving birth to a child.) Natural childbirth can often stretch the vagina and leave it looking and feeling very much different from the way it did before giving birth. The most common types of cosmetic genitoplasty procedures are modifications of the labia minoraand labia majora, although there are many other procedures that are available.

  1. Liposuction:

Another way to get rid of excess fat and loose skin after giving birth is via liposuction procedures. The stomach is the most common area where liposuction is performed, but the arms, legs, and back are also fairly common places to get liposuction done.