Pressure Mattress and Its Interesting Features

A pressure mattress relieves a person from pains of having pressure ulcers or bedsores. When patients become confined to the bed and lack mobility and movement of any kind, pressure mattress is recommended for them and considered as the best option to give them relief. When a contact is made between the mattress and the body of a patient, pressure spots are created which pinch off the blood vessels, and as a result of this oxygen and vital nutrients to the skin and tissues get cut off. Pressure mattresses can be of many types and varieties, and all of them may have different kind of features.



Before taking the decision to buy a pressure mattress, it would be wise to have an idea about the various kinds available.

  1. Some pressure mattresses have a pad system with a pump so that consistent air flow and pressure can be provided. Such mattresses are comfortable and offer a luxurious feel. This kind of pressure mattress is best for pressure relief.
  1. In some kind of pressure mattresses, a multi-zone support system can be found which is designed for patients suffering from stage 1 or stage 2 decubitus ulcer. This mattress would help them to prevent additional breakdown of skin and fasten the healing process. Such mattress can also be very good for the bedridden patients.
  1. Certain pressure mattresses are designed to treat and stop pressure sores. These can be used in home settings and hospitals. Adjustable straps help to hold these in places and the holes meant for air flow prevent fluid buildup. When such mattresses are used in home setting, mild detergents can be used to clean them. These mattresses can help to support to 250 pounds of weight!
  1. The therapeutic pressure mattresses have more than one zone for redistributing pressure. Such kind of mattresses has the capacity to support 300 pounds.
  1. Often a pressure mattress can be a pressure relieving mattress overlays that are effective to treat pressure ulcers. These may have built-in brackets which allow the pump to get mounted on the bed with ease. In certain cases, the advanced pump technology helps in deflating air cells. These are as simple to use as they are to maintain.
  1. If you are looking for a combination of economic and clinically effective support system which can also treat and prevent pressure ulcers, then you can go for a pressure mattress.
  1. Some pressure mattresses have a unique feature of being filled up with silicone shafts which never mat down. These retain their air flow and loft. The cushioning effect helps to protect a patient’s pressure-prone areas. You can wash and dry such kind of a mattress with great ease. The silicon coating makes every fiber of the bed lubricated. Hence, the friction gets drastically reduced and the patient feels comfortable. The bed pad is long-lasting. Patients of all age groups who are at a risk of developing pressure sores can use such mattresses.
  1. In order to give maximum comfort and support, some of the pressure mattress can have unique zones. The shock-absorbing foam can contour the body of the patient and reduce the interface pressure readings. With a bottom layer of high density foam, you can have a firm foundation.

A pressure mattress has a major role to play. It has to give relief to the ailing and thus, before buying such a mattress, it is very important to know and understand the features so that you end up making the best purchase. Searching online for pressure mattress could be a good option because here you will also get to read in detail.