Plan of Attack: Make Your Move a Successful One

Your upcoming move may be your biggest one yet. Even if it isn’t, it just may be one that you aren’t looking forward to making. In any case, coming up with a plan of attack can help make your move a successful one.


1. Get organized. The day that you learn that you will be moving is the same day you should begin to organize your move. It is important that you have a file to keep track of everything. A folding file is ideal, where you can place your important paperwork, including your moving contract, the files you will be getting from the school, dentist and doctor offices, and other documents you must have. It can also house your moving blueprint, what you will want to write up to cover every point and contingency related to your move. Get organized from the onset and you will have a plan to follow throughout your move advises Allied Moving Services.

2. Start purging. Not everything in your home can or should go with you. This is where you must sit down with your family members, go through everything you own and separate the “must keep” items from your discards. A good rule of thumb here is that your seasonal items can go with you, but anything you haven’t touched in more than six months is fair game too. Of course, keepsake items will go with you, but be careful here: you may assign a sentimental value to more items than are necessary. You need to diligently and relentlessly assign what you own to the right piles. Items in your discard or purge pile can be given away, donated or sold. Indeed, you may make enough money from your sale items to bankroll your move or at least cover some of the costs.

3. Move forward. With the organization and purging part done, you’re ready to tackle the meat of your move’s preparation. Here, you are ready to contact moving companies or explore other options such as renting a pod or a truck. You don’t have time to waste: set aside a day to make those calls, arrange for people to stop by your home and provide written estimates. Make sure that only the items you need are included with the moving estimate. Use the rest of your day to visit doctor’s offices to obtain files, doing the same with the dentist and the school. Finally, head over to the warehouse club, supermarket and other retailers to acquire as many boxes as possible. Ask the manager if you can make a return the next time stock is delivered.

4. Begin packing. As soon as you acquire your first boxes and obtain your other moving supplies, i.e, packing tape, filler materials, markers, stickers and the like, begin your packing. The first items to be packed is anything that you won’t be needing until after you arrive at your new place. This can include seasonal items such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween decorations, books, knick knacks and files. The idea here is to thin your inventory to a manageable size and live minimally until you leave. As you near your moving day, you will pack more items and have less to do. Make certain that everything but your most essentials are packed the day before the moving company arrives.

5. Enlist the support of friends. You may not need your friends to help you pack, but if you have a good friend who is experienced in making moves, then her help can prove indispensable. You might also ask a friend to take your children for the weekend, allowing you and your husband to tackle boxing that is difficult to do with everyone present. It can also give you and your husband the opportunity to unwind and spend some much needed time with each other. Be grateful for the friend who would mind your cat, dog or other pet too. Animals get stressed when there is too much activity in the home.

6. Tie up loose ends. With your house quickly being transformed from a home to a storage facility, you may seem out of sorts. Those feelings are normal, but they can also leave you feeling out of control. It is important that you rely upon the organization skills you laid out in the first step. Use this time to notify the post office of your pending move, to contact your utility companies and to inform your creditors of your new address. You can also tie up loose ends, such as picking up the stray files that weren’t ready earlier.

Moving Plan

The better organized you are when it comes to moving, the more likely you will be able to accomplish this work with your stress level contained. Lean on your household members, family and friends during this time too — you need them and will benefit from their assistance.