Must-follow finance tips for college students

The fall semesters at most of the colleges are now well and truly underway. This is also the time when most fresh students join the college and arrive at the campus. They are slowly getting to know the institution where they will be living for the next two or three years. They are adapting to the social circle of the college and also getting the hang of the fact that they are now going to be managing their own-self as well as their finance.

Managing your own finances and taking the responsibility of living as an independent individual is something which is exciting and scary at the same time. This is because when you are independent, you come across many situations that you have not faced before and then you have to fight those challenges.  Particularly in aspects like managing your own finances, living independently can become a real struggle. For students around the world, finance for college is a big issue. They have options either to study on scholarship, fund their own education through parents or find student loans. Student loans, then further put you in debt for a long time to come. Today’s guest post blog is going to talk about the must follow tips which can help students in terms of finance.


Budgeting is incredibly important to manage your college finances. If you do not know your monthly budget, your monthly income if any, for example, you might be working part- time and your costs, which can be saved and costs which cannot be saved, then it will become impossible for you to control your finances. Budgeting helps you keep track and monitor the way you spend your money. Budgeting during your college days is one of the important elements of your survival throughout the college years.

Separate your needs and wants

There are some things that you must spend your money on, they are your needs, for example, the basic food, water and similar expenses. Then there are wants, for example, expensive shopping, parties, adventures and luxury food. It is important to understand what are the things that you can really put a control on and the things which are really important for your health and survival. You can probably cut on shopping and save that money to spend on something which is more important to you. This way you will help yourselves manage your finances very easily before it becomes a challenge for you.

Do not abuse your credit cards

Sometimes students think getting a credit card means they can spend more. This is really not the case as at the end of the day, you have to pay the amount and if you cannot, then you are charged with a fine. So never abuse your credit cards, especially when you have no significant income and use it for emergencies only.

Shop smart

Shopping smart means saving your costs when you can, for example, buying second hand books rather than spending a lot of money on new ones. Looking for discounted sales on clothes, getting student discounts on travel etc.

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