Must Have Chromebook Accessories

Chromebooks are quickly becoming the go to laptops for students and travelers because of their lightweight portability and lower price compared to Windows based laptops and Macbooks.  While they are perfect for web browsing, video watching and light computing tasks, they can’t do it all.  After purchasing a Chromebook there are a number of accessories that you might want to grab to make your Chromebook safer, more productive and easier to use.

  1. Cases and Sleeves – Just like any laptop, you might want to consider is a protective case or sleeve, so you don’t damage it in transit. There are a number of hard shell cases that fit like a glove on  your Chromebook and they have a style for each separate Chromebook.  A hard shell case has to be bought for your specific model.  A sleeve on the other hand is the perfect item to keep your laptop safe when in a bag or backpack.  These padded sleeves are available in 11 inch or 13 inch depending on the size of your machine.
  2. Chrome Remote Desktop – Although Chromebooks can do basic day to day activities, you might find yourself wishing you could use a specific program that’s only available on Windows or your Mac and that’s where Chrome Remote Desktop comes in handy.  You can access your primary or work computer using your Chromebook.  I’ve used this to log into a work computer and use Photoshop on my desktop. Samsung-Series-5-Chromebook-588x400
  3. Extensions and Apps – Google has a number of extensions that let you boost your productivity while using your Chromebook. There are extensions for offline use of Google Docs, password management extensions so that you don’t have to remember all your unique passwords and even adblocker addons to keep the distractions to a minimum.  There is a Chrome web store that is similar to the app store where you can find and add on the extensions to your browser.
  4. Wireless Mouse – While the trackpads on your Chrome computer are usually pretty good, a wireless mouse can really come in handy when using your Chromebook for long periods of time. There are two different kinds of Wireless mice, one kind uses a USB connection dongle or a Bluetooth mouse that doesn’t require the use of one ofy you USB ports.  To make sure you find one that is compatible with your Chromebook make sure you check out a Chromebook Wireless Mouse Guide before you buy.
  5. Carrying Bag – If you travel or don’t just use your computer on your desk at home, then a bag or backpack is a necessary accessory to transport your Chromebook around town. I find messenger type bags work great for this, and since Chromebooks are so small and light, you don’t have to get a big bulky bag and instead use a small messenger type bag or even a backpack.

With Chromebooks quickly becoming the go to portable computing device because of their slim profiles and low cost, make sure you have all the accessories to make sure you don’t have to compromise any of the functionality of a traditional computer.  If you haven’t picked up a Chromebook, check out and their guide to the best Chromebooks that are currently on the market.