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Mumbai To Goa – A Weeklong Fiesta To Two Vibrant Destinations

Mumbai Tourism

India is an ancient country with a rich historical heritage. It is among the top tourist favorite sites and countries to visit. But the tourists attraction to visit India is mostly for witnessing and learning the deep historic culture and less for a fun filled holiday. This article talks about a well planned holiday in two of the most exciting destinations where you could have fun in India.

If all you are looking for a holiday destination for the upcoming season, and all you are looking forward to is having fun instead of going sightseeing to cities and towns with historical places, than a combination of trip to two cities – Mumbai and Goa, will deliver you the best source of fun to satisfy your mental and carnal urge to seek fun and party.

The best way to reap the full pleasures of this trip is to head to Mumbai first during mid-december and then catch one of the Mumbai to Goa flights by the end of the month, although a road trip is short and fun too! This is the best time for both the locations because by the mid-week of December, the city of Mumbai will be in a full festive season mood and since it is one of the few cities which celebrate the festival of Christmas in a grand manner, the streets are guaranteed to be decorated and lit up with lights. There will be private parties in every part of the city and the nightclubs bass from the nightclub can be felt and heard from just walking past it. Enjoy yourself to the core and get ready for the next destination.

After you have had your fill of fun at Mumbai, it is time for you to hit your next destination. Goa is a fun place to be during the Christmas and New Year’s season. The numerous churches are decorated with lights presenting a warm solemn atmosphere and the beaches are packed with people and shacks are built along the beaches. There are various open beach parties happening in every part or near by nightclubs and the people drink and party till dawn.

A combination of these two places will give you the best fun you can have in India. Mumbai and Goa are the two most happening cities when it comes to nightlife scene and a visit to these places during peak seasons will be the vacation of a lifetime. You will end up meeting a horde of like minded people and even get acquainted with quite a few. The alcohol is much cheaper in Goa so it will be wise to do more of the drinking in Goa and limit yourself in Mumbai.

At the end of your journey you can catch a flight from Goa. Goa has a busy international airport where all major national and international airlines operate. However, Kingfisher airlines of late has suspended operations in this airport but it is not a matter of concern as you still have a host of other airlines to choose from. Book your tickets in advance to get yourself a seat during the time you want to leave as getting a seat is a major problem during peak seasons. After your holiday is planned and laid out in this manner, you will have one of the best holiday experiences you will ever in India.