Maldives The Stunning Paradise For Tourists

Maldives being an archipelago is popular as paradise for the tourists. Its clean air, immaculate nature, beautiful sea and magnificent white-sand beaches attract a large number of leisure- loving tourists. Maldives are popular for spa resorts having unique world and golden sands. This place is at the edge of world having no noise of the cities and European civilization. Here you face alien nature and ocean all around.

There are many underwater coral caves around Maldives archipelago and abundant tropical vegetation giving its islands a splendid look. The tour around islands includes morning and evening fishing, scuba diving, rowing in glass bottom boats, water safari, helicopter flights and much more entertainment.honeymoon

For Maldives Holidays, All hotels offer excursions that include tour of capital Male, where you would be taken around to visit National Museum, historical monuments, Islamic Center and some other important places. Nature has been very generous with Maldives and made it very charming. Maldives archipelagos are the most attractive places on earth and attract large number of tourists from across the world. Maldives are appreciated for neat white sandy patches, beautiful Blue Ocean, coconut palms, green mangroves and sparkling sun. Most of the coral islands are uninhabited and are an unbelievable world. The visit to these islands is completely captivating.

Male, capital of Maldives, is the smallest capital city across the world. Its Good Friday mosque decorated with golden tomb is the main attraction. It can admit over 5000 people at one time and is biggest mosque of Maldives. You can also visit graves of national heroes and members of royal family and unique minaret of old mosque close by. Other places of interest at the capital are Presidential Palace, graves of famous Maldivian saints and National Museum in Sultan Park. You must also visit the local market known as Singapore market as many unique and attractive handmade souvenirs can be purchased here.

The lovers of active fun would relish visiting this stunning archipelago where you can go for snorkeling, windsurfing, water skiing on bananas and canoeing or enjoy some water sports. Those who are keen can make use of diving club. There are many coral caves that would be attractive places for the underwater exploration. The fans of diving need not be worried about their safety because coastal waters are protected from predators by coral reefs.maldives_tour_packages

Maldives is well known for Maldives Honeymoon Package as well as its magnificent hotels that leave unforgettable romantic impression on your mind. Its islands are the few resorts where you forget about civilization and get engrossed in the marvelous beauty of nature. Addu atoll is about 300 miles from the capital and Hulule international airport. Gan Island having magnificent landscapes is largest island of atoll. Baa atoll consists of 41 islands that are uninhabited. It had few tourist resorts but has now started having tourist buildings. Lavyani atoll comprises of 63 islands and is perhaps the best place for diving. Daala atoll is famous for Turtle Island having splendid scenery, clean beaches, tall palm trees and beautiful lagoons.