Lesser Known Cities To Tour In The Vicinity Of Mumbai

Mumbai, the commercial capital of India, is one of the top tourist destinations in India. Each year, thousands of tourists visits this mega city. Though, the city alone has tons of things to do and see, there are some lesser known attractions in the vicinity. You might be knowing about these cities, but never seen from a tourist’s perspective because they aren’t projected like it. Come, take a look at these fantastic places with a different angle.


As a tourist destination, Mumbai has a amazing things to do and see. So much, that if you sat back and listed them, it would’ve made a separate itinerary! Apart from these, even the surrounding region consists of places with breathtaking view and cultural sophistication. Mentioned below are some of these lesser known cities that you can explore on a given weekend.

Surat – A port city in the state of Gujarat, also has the second largest population after the capital, Ahmedabad. Surat is also the 9th largest city in India, but rarely has been looked upon from a tourist’s perspective. Surat is popular as a centre for buying and selling of precious and semi-precious gemstones. Located on the banks of the river Tapti, Surat has remained off the maps for foreign tourists. In a bustling, commercial city like Surat, experiencing the local culture would be totally different thing to do. Exploring through the port activities and enjoying the local sounds and flavours is something you can always try. Even if you don’t, you can always get back with some high quality textiles, which can be bought at cheaper rates. You can at anytime of the day take a Mumbai to Surat taxi to reach the city.

Malegaon – You might have heard about Malegaon because of its local filmmaking industry, known as ‘Mollywood’. People say that this craze of making cheap movies for thrill and entertainment, might be because of its close proximity with Bollywood (Hindi Film Industry). Nonetheless, if you want to have a look at some authentic filmmaking talents, then do watch their creations like – ‘Malegaon ka Superman’ and ‘Malegaon ke Sholay’.

Aurangabad – Named after the Mughal ruler, Aurangzeb, this city is one of the upcoming tourist places in the state. This sudden surge in popularity is because of the presence of UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Ajanta and Ellora Caves, located on the fringes of the city. Aurangabad is also famous for Bibi ka Maqbara, an identical replica to the Taj Mahal. The city is also known as the ‘city of gates’ and there are about 52 gates dotted in various parts.

Nashik – Nashik is an ancient city in the state of Maharashtra, and lies in the proximity of Mumbai. Famous for its historical temples and culture, the city is also grounds for the Kubh Mela, happening in every 12 years draws devotees, visitors and international tourists from all over the globe. Apart from these, an average Joe knows nothing about it. The city has an important position in Hindu culture, as each year thousands of people come here wash away their sins in the holy waters of the city. The city is well-connected to other parts of the country and you can easily get a Mumbai to Nashik Cab to get there.