Ladakh- The best place to spend your vacation

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Ladakh is nothing less than heaven on earth. The word Ladakh means land of passages. It is the northern most part of India situated in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Every years a lot of visitors and tourists turn to this place for its natural beauty and serenity and Ladakh has never failed even for a single time to astonish and mesmerise the visitors from its picturesque beauty and peaceful surroundings.

Here are some of the reasons why Ladakh is one of the most preferred tourist destinations for people coming to India every year.

Astonishing natural beauty

Although Ladakh is one of the most barren lands on earth yet the nature has blessed this land with unmatched natural beauty. The snow clad mountain peaks of Himalayan Mountain Range put the visitor in a state of trance. The cascading river streams and garden here present a delight to eyes of the nature lovers.

Religious Harmony

The culture of Ladakh is greatly influenced by the Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and most of the people here follow Tibetan Buddhism but you will also find a large number of Muslims and Hindus living in this area. The Buddhist monasteries are a great attraction for those, who seek religious and spiritual harmony at this place. Additionally, these monasteries are also a great place to visit for those who have interest in history, as well.


Adventure sport is one of the main attractions of Ladakh and people who seek adventure thrill in life turn to Ladakh as a premier destination for adventure sports. Here you can experience the extreme winter sports such as River rafting, snowboarding, skiing, hiking on the frozen rivers, etc. It is a paradise for adventure sports lovers.

Things to remember while planning a trip to Ladakh

A trip to Ladakh can be exciting but it can be dangerous too if you do not go there with proper preparation. Here are some points to remember before you head towards Ladakh.

  • The trip to Ladakh is not a cake walk and it very dangerous for people who are not physically or mentally fit. You must consult your doctor about your plans of going to Ladakh.
  • Without proper winter wear, you will not be able to bear the frigid climatic conditions of the place. You must pack some parka jackets for women along with some thermal wear sets and winter hats with your luggage to stay warm and comfortable.
  • For some places in Ladakh, you need special permits to visit them. Make sure that you travel agent has arranged the necessary permits for those places in Ladakh.
  • Make sure that you keep all your documents with you such as passport, identity cards, etc with you. This will help in easy and fast security clearances.

If you go with proper planning and preparation, you will return from Ladakh with memories that will last for a lifetime.

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