Jamshedpur- A Fast Growing City And Nature-Blessed Destination

Jamshedpur park

Home to infinite tourist attractions, Jamshedpur is one of India’s most popular tourist destinations. It is filled with all the ritz and allures of modernization, Plus, nature has always been grateful to the city. Visit the bustling city for a fun vacation and pick from the best budget hotels in Jamshedpur.

Jamshedpur is the industrial hub of the state of Jharkhand. Largely recognized for the plentiful of big and small scale industries including the giants like Tata Steel, Tata Motors, Tata Power, Telcon, TCE, TRF, TCS, Lafarge Cement, Tinplate, and BOC Gases, the city is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation. Its urban agglomeration area is home to people from all over India and today is the third largest city (after Kolkata and Patna) in Eastern region of India. Also called the “steel city of India”, the place takes pride for being the city in the entire country to have housed the first ever private steel and iron company. The Tata Steel of Jamshedpur is the country’s largest iron and steel plant, situated nearly at the centre of the city and making huge contributions in generating the place’s revenue. The place is closely associated with late JamshedjiNusserwanji Tata. He laid the first founding stones of the present city as he established the Tata Steel in the locality in 1908. It is for this fact that the place is fondly called as Tatanagar.

All the industrialization and commercialization have put the city on a prominent spot on modern India map. Today, densely capped with large plants, manufacturing industries, business headquarters, sleek offices, national as well as regional banks, entertainment and recreational centres, the place is well-equipped with every parameter of modernization. There is a plethora of hotels and travellers can pick from luxury hotels to budget hotels in Jamshedpur to cheap hotels. Getting into the place is a cake-walk as there is a large fleet of buses, taxis, rails, and flights travelling to and from the city. Two National Highways namely NH 32 and 33 touch the city and connect it to rest of India; plus two expressways link the place to Barbil, Kadma, Chaibasa, Sonari, Adityapur, Seraikela, Mango, etc.

Today, the industrial city is also quickly emerging as a popular tourist destination in the region. The overwhelming and glamour-filled modern attractions lure large number of backpackers from nearby cities. There are all aspects of modern tourism that can be found here. Multiplexes, shopping malls, sports club, libraries, art galleries, cultural centres, restaurants, and other recreational centres fill the place. Apart from that, as the place is splendid with nature, there are a couple of wonderful destinations to experience the natural splendor of the region.

Far from the bustling city, the scenic and tranquil surroundings of Sri Dorabji Tata Park offer one with the soulful solitude that they have been looking for a long time. It is perfect place to rejuvenate in the heavenly bliss of Mother Nature. It is a lush greenery capped area with sprawling gardens and artificial fountains. The stunning Jubilee Park is yet another ideal place to wash-off city blues. It is most noted for the Mughal Garden, which was inspired from Brindavan Gardens of Mysore. The temptation of the natural beauty of the place is such that one could not stop themselves from taking pictures and wanting to come back again.

Additional to these, there are several other good tourist places in Jamshedpur that are worth visiting. Simply visit the city to explore all its hidden as well as prominent attractions and spend a memorable vacation. Starting from October till February end the place sees a large influx of tourists. So booking hotel rooms in advance is advisable.