Installing runner rugs on stairs makes them attractive and prevents slips

A major interior designing tool in huge residences, especially in the hall, is covering the floor or the wall with a suitable rug. It can be used as a measure to hide any fault areas in the floor or the wall and also adds beauty to the interior. Carpet and rugs are made from different types of natural and synthetic fibers which appeal to customers with different size budgets. The most expensive products are derived from high quality animal fibers like the wool and the silk.  The artisans engaged in weaving it can add embroideries of gold and silver threads along with the precious stones. It is really not a simple or cheap weaving process, because it needs the contribution of creativity from the craftsmen. For many generations, these craftsmen have been practicing this art in the different countries of the world. It had started in the Middle East countries and later it had spread to Europe. However, it was only the rich people who could afford to buy them at exorbitant rates. Now, the scenario has changed because the rug or carpet manufacturer is implementing different innovative ideas for weaving with different new designs and patterns. Earlier, from designing to weaving, it was done manually. Now with the help of the computer and machinery, designing and weaving is easily done within shortest period of time and with the least amount of effort.


It is the quality contribution from Floorspace in designing and weaving different types of runner rugs with the help of various plant fibers. Floorspace runner rugs may be in form of sisal, seagrass, jute or coir. In general, these fibers form a group of eco friendly objects which can provide fruitful results even after the products made from these resources are thrown away and burnt. You can place your order online or visit the store to view their products and you can customize the design so it matches your current decor. Their customers choose the particular range of color, design and fiber for the rug making process. This rug making company is ready to provide the maintenance support too with the help of cleaning tips without any future investment from their consumers.

In general, runner rugs are seen as long and narrow or rectangular in size. Sometimes, it may appear in unusual designs too where the length may exceed beyond normal size depending upon the area it is installed into. It may be wall to wall installation or can be used as the covering on stairs and staircases, narrow hallways, bedrooms and entrance of the room, etc.

The benefits of using the runner rugs are highlighted as follows:

  • You can easily move about on your floors whether it is wooden or made from tiles without facing any kind of slippages. Direct contact with the floor may not keep it clean and cause any sort of stumbling effect.
  • When runner rugs are installed on stairs or staircases, it becomes a good sound absorber. It is the perfect solution to silence the movement of people in busy areas. Therefore, it is suitable for installation in hallways.
  • In case of any emergency like fire, it can be utilized as the protection measure. Moreover, it does not discharge any static electricity and therefore it is safe for the movements of pets and children.
  • Runner rugs made from plant fibers do not cause any kind of health hazards for anyone. Rugs made from the synthetic fibers can make the person prone to different types of infections or allergies.
  • Even if the dust or the dirt accumulates on these runner rugs made from plant fibers, it cannot stay for the long run. One can use a suitable vacuum cleaning tool to suck away the dust or the dirt. However, it is advisable not to let the runner rugs to come in contact with the water or extreme sunlight. Moisture can damage the color and texture.