How To Install Curtain Rods And Rails

Home maintenance is a very important aspect that every woman needs to know. Hanging curtains is one of the aspects of home renovation and maintenance. It is thus important to know how to install curtain rods and rails hence ensuring that your curtains are hung neatly and correctly. And don’t think that home cleaning won’t be in the daily plan – you cannot escape that part. Hey, at least curtain cleaning is simple!

How To Install Curtain Rods And Rails

Steps to installing curtain rods

-You should first choose whether to install the rod on the casing or the wall outside the casing.

-After choosing how to install the curtain, you should measure the height of the curtain rod and determine where the top of the curtain will be from where you want the curtain to end. This will depend on your own style. Just remember that long curtains are easier to get dirty and there will be regular curtain cleaning needed.

-You should then use a pencil to mark where the screws will go and then drill pilot holes to start the screws and prevent them from cracking the casing or the wall.

-You should then screw the brackets to the casing or the wall and then check for level to ensure that the rod is even.

-You should then put your curtains on and you are good to go. Now all you have to do is think about reliable maintenance and proper cleaners. Don’t worry if you don’t have ideas – there are always cleaning companies about that will help.

Curtain rails on the other hand are installed directly to window frames. Their installation involves three steps.

The first step is to install a furring strip in which case you should drill pilot holes and then use the appropriate screws to secure the furring strip to the wall surface. Next you should fit the curtain rail. You should position screws for rail brackets at regular intervals and then position brackets on the screws. You should then position gliders on the rail depending with the rail design. To prevent gliders from slipping off you should attach the end support on the rail. You should then clip the rail on to the brackets and then space out the gliders to ensure that you have the required number. You are done! Now focus on keeping the curtains clean and healthy so that you can show them off at their best every time.