How to become a certified ethical hacker

Ethical Hacker

CEH v8 (Certified Ethical Hacker) certification allows aspirants to achieve a hands-on experience of environments where they will learn the fundamentals of ethical hacking. Here, they will be exposed to understanding and achieving  information about the security arrangements of organizations, but in an ethical manner. They will learn to scan, drive tests, hack, and secure their network systems. The exposure to lab environments will also impart in-depth knowledge and practical experience of the world’s security systems where an understanding of the threats and attacks on the defenses will enable them to protect the networks by ethical hacking.

If you wish to pursue a career of an ethical hacker, then there are a few things you would require to know. Let’s look at these criteria in the following segment.

The certified ethical hacker training course will benefit people like auditors,  security officers, site administrators, security professionals (such as EC-council certified security analyst) and anyone who is concerned enough to safeguard the integrity of  network infrastructures.

  1. There are certain prerequisites that will be required of you. First, you should possess a deep and strong understanding of the knowledge of IP or TCP. Second, you should know about the security background and information systems. And third, you should carry a minimum experience of twelve months in areas such as networking technologies.
  1. Understanding the exam structure is also very important to prepare accordingly for it. With one twenty five questions in total, you will be required to pass the test with cut off marks of seventy percent. The exam duration is four hours and all the questions be will multiple choice. Not only this, remember that the test delivery comprise of Prime Prometric (IBT), VUE, and APTC.
  1. It is also extremely important for you to equip yourself with the latest developments that have been brought about in the CEH v8 certification course. These can be summarized as below.
  • The CEH v8 program aims at addressing all the network security issues to the latest operating systems which comprise of Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8.
  • The program also aims at addressing the potential threats to the security environments that are controlled by Windows 7 and other systems.

The CEH v8 further focuses on the most recent hacking attacks on mobile platforms and tablet computers. It now encompasses counteractive measures to prevent these risks and safeguard mobile infrastructure which now comprise of technologies like Andriod OS 4.1 and Apps, iOS 6 and Apps, Windows Phone 8, BlackBerry 7 OS and HTML 5.

Equipped with this developmental knowledge, along with classroom friendly discussions and presentations of course ware concepts can really help you prepare for the CEH v8 certification exam. All the best and we hope you succeed in earning this certification.

To know more about the CEH v8 certification cost, visit the official website of the EC council.