A Guide on the Essential Baby Furniture Required for a Nursery

There are a lot of reasons as to why baby products are so very different than those used by adults. The body of a baby is sensitive and vulnerable to infections. The body resistance of a baby does not become adapt until he/she is at least a few years old. That is why so many baby products are available in the market to keep your baby healthy and safe. They try to give the best care for your baby.

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A baby is perhaps the most precious thing in the world for a parent. There can be nothing more fulfilling than becoming a parent. However, this happiness is accompanied by extensive preparations to ensure the proper upkeep of the baby. Among the things to keep in mind is the purchase of appropriate baby furniture from Muji.


While purchasing baby furniture, always remember to purchase quality products though it may seem a bit expensive. The same goes for the clothing and other accessories. The specific requirements of an infant make it essential that only selected furniture are purchased. There are some items that cannot be missed. Some of them have been included here.


  • A crib – This is known by different names. But this is the most important baby furniture in the nursery. An infant is likely to spend a lot of time in the crib. Hence, it needs to be comfortable. The crib needs to be of good quality. Chances are that he/she would be using it for at least a couple of years. Hence, it would need to support the weight.
  • Cradles – This can be used to put a baby to sleep.
  • Moses basket – A baby basket should be in the priority list. Many a time you would have to leave your baby alone. Since this is not a good idea, a Moses basket allows you to take your baby along wherever you go.
  • A wardrobe or a rack – Your baby will require several sets of clothing along with numerous other artifacts. As storing them with the adult stuff is not advisable, a wardrobe can be of great help.
  • A changing table – This can be a general table or even a sturdy tool where you can place your baby while you change the diapers or the clothing.
  • Toys – A couple of eye catching and skin friendly toys would go a long way in keeping the baby engaged. A new born is full of curiosity and hence, every new thing he/she sees or hears is enough to keep him/her occupied for some time. A nursery can have a wind chime too.

The different items of baby furniture need to be complemented by proper clothing arrangements. The lining of the crib and the cradle should ideally be padded up so that the baby is not hurt. The fabric for this should be soft. Baby furniture once acquired need to be setup in proper places in the nursery. It is important to remember here that they do not overcrowd the place. For this, adequate planning needs to be done before the purchase of the furniture.

There is another thing to keep in mind. This is the proper upkeep of the furniture. Over time, the baby furniture will soil. It is not very healthy to bring up a baby in such unhealthy conditions. Hence, appropriate cleaning would be essential.

Most of the pieces of baby furniture mentioned can be easily available in the local general store. There are specialized market chains as well dedicated to products for babies. There are a huge variety of products on offer in these stores. Therefore, it is important to set your priorities right. Using the internet you could purchase these products from the comfort of your house itself.

This blog has been written for reader to provide useful information about baby furniture. If you still want to know more then let’s go to the details for more information.