Gadgets to Help the Elderly with Dementia

Dementia in brief: Of the many debilitating diseases capable of causing problems for an individual in terms of leading a positive and productive life, one particularly challenging condition that often leaves individuals floundering is dementia. Although defined in a number of ways in medical terms, dementia is essentially a condition wherein a person loses cognitive ability. Existing in both progressive and static conditions, dementia often brings about profound loss of memory.

Countering dementia in the elderly: Dementia may occur in any person under the age of sixty-five but it is in the elderly that the manifestations are most pronounced, resulting in negative effects on the sufferers. With the advent of modern technology though, it has become a lot easier for them to handle and deal with this medical condition. In fact, there are a number of electronic as well as non-electronic gadgets that may be implemented so that the condition becomes more bearable for the elderly.
Memory picture phone: As is common knowledge, one of the many outcomes of dementia is that the sufferer forgets vital information such as contact details. Mobile phones allow users to program it in a way that they do not need to remember the ten-digit numbers. Technical progress has further made the task of searching for contact numbers easier. With the memory picture phone, its users can view number images on the right half of the device. The image display is large enough for the elderly to see clearly so that they can simply select the image of the person and put a call through to them.
Calendars: Elderly people who suffer from dementia are likely to forget important dates and events in their life. Modern technology ensures that such memory loss does not become an obstacle for the sufferers, courtesy a number of portable electronic gadgets. These gadgets display the current date and year, and can be used for storing dates of important appointments. The calendar clock is another useful gadget to counter the effects of memory loss as, apart from displaying the date and time, it is also programmed to update itself regularly.
Alarms: Nowadays many bed and chairs come with integrated alarm systems to warn the caregiver if a dementia patient leaves their place. Portable alarms, mostly of the pull-tab or pressure-pad variety are mostly preferred as they can be easily transferred from chairs to beds. While the pressure-pad type has weight sensors that detects if a person rises from their place, the pull-tab alarm is equipped with a garment clip which is set off in the event of a break in magnetic link brought about by the patient’s movements.
GPS devices: Elderly people suffering from dementia are likely to find the GPS device extremely helpful. A handheld GPS device is capable of programming addresses and destinations by means of easy-to-read maps and voice-activated directions thereby helping the elderly sufferers to reach their desired destination. On the part of the users, they are only needed to plug in their specific address for getting required directions to the place.
Other gadgets: For elderly dementia patients who are without a daily caregiver, unwanted incidents of under dosing or overdosing of their prescribed medication may be averted by means of automatic pill dispensers. The use of baby locks and other similar low-tech gadgets for cupboards containing harmful substances such as toxic chemicals may be considered a practical approach if there happens to be an elderly dementia sufferer in the house.
EHIC card: For the elderly people who suffer from dementia but are required to travel frequently owing to certain reasons, the EHIC card comes in very handy. As a prolonged illness, such people are entitled to receive medical care at all healthcare facilities in Europe in case of an emergency condition during their travels. While most elderly people are likely to have these healthcare benefit cards, they should plan a timely EHIC renewal so that they can have their emergency medical expenses covered on travels.

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