Follow The Steps While Considering The Installation Of Stone Veneer On Chimney

Stone veneer can insert hefty and rustic appearing attraction to a full chimney outside, or just the visible fraction of the chimney, which is inside several residential places. Stone veneer either is pieced from big stones, or constructed and molded from other materials like concrete. In fact, the result is the similar natural look as entire stones, but with a portion of the load. As long as the structure under is sound, you can install it over a chimney in an easy and safe manner. But it is important to understand all the important aspects associated with its installation process prior to starting the actual process. Read out below mentioned things:

Preparation of chimney

To bind veneer stone, the exterior must be rid of any type of loose material like vines, dirt and flaking regions of brick. Outsides, examine the chimney for miniature bird or weeds or wasp nests. This is also a reliable time of examining for areas that require proper maintenance. Bridges between the chimney and house siding may require new flashing, surface grade sealant, or both. If you see creosote or loose bricks, it is a time to call for expert roof repair contractor.


Special indoor concerns

If the indoors of chimney is enveloped with drywall or plaster, but you are interested in installing veneer for making it more professional, there are some things you need to do. Initially is stapling a coating of tar paper or also roofing experienced over the plaster or drywall. Next, it is the turn of wire mesh material known as metal lath that is stapled above the tar paper. Right orientation of the lath is important to the installation. It is constructed with curved sections in the mesh that gather and grab mortar. Installed upside downwards, the lath is unable to do its task. If you run hand above the surface of the lath you will experience a roughness in a single direction. The lath must experience the roughness as you put your hand to the bottom of the wall.

Adhesive or mortar

Stonework mortar conventionally is utilized to install complete stones and also stone veneer. In fact, it is a cement based product and also not comes in a premixed container. It is important to select whether to opt for adhesive or mortar, prior to starting the process of Stone Veneer Installation. Several stone veneer manufacturing companies recommend their home brand adhesive or mortar rather than traditional mortar. In case, if you are making use of their products, it is highly recommended to keep track of their instructions or references.

Techniques of installation

Prior to setting off the initial stone, the exterior requires a healthy layer of mortar applied with the help of a flat trowel. Once you are done with this, horizontal grooves cross side the exterior with the jagged boundary of a trowel. This offers the subsequent coating of mortar something to hold. Allow the mortar set all the might prior to proceeding, unless the mortar manufacturing service provider recommends otherwise. You can take the help of a manufacturer, if you cannot apply the mortar easily and safely.