A Flower Is the Best Gift in the World: Categories and Uses of Flowers

A flower is perhaps the best gift of nature. Right from time immemorial, poets, singers, bards and minstrels have woven their own sweet stories with the image and symbol of a flower. Whether it is the ‘red, red rose’ or the white jasmine, whether it is the pink Carnation or the Violet Lily, flowers occupy an important part of the romantic as well as the aesthetic life of an individual. It is a famous line written by the great writer Oscar Wilde that “Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden where the flowers are dead.” This is indeed true, that flowers not only signify love and prosperity, but they also symbolize the highest spiritual value and life-giving force that penetrates the heart of mankind. They are one of the best natural gifts which can mesmerize and intoxicate us with their fragrance and hues.

How a flower rules the different segments of Botany and Agriculture:

  • The simplest part of a flower, its petal, its stamens, its pistils, its receptacle, the small branches around it, its pigments and its fragrance are not just beautiful to look at, but it is also a matter of research by botanists and agricultural scientists.
  • Flower morphology, reproduction, use of pollens and cross-pollination in a flower are some of the areas which are looked after in parts of agriculture and Botany.

Flowers as used in decoration:


A florist makes the maximum use of flowers, by carrying on different decorative methods for wedding ceremonies, birthdays, romantic evening parties, baby showers and even meetings, prayers, mass religious gatherings and other large-scale celebrations. A flower is generally seen as an auspicious symbol of fruition in many countries, as it is also associated with fertility rites and rituals, and in many other countries, a flower is seen as a symbol of international peace and truce, to stop belligerent nations from waging wars against countries. A flower also acts as a container for honey, and it easily attracts bees that drink the nectar from flowers and make their hives inside a flower garden or a fruit orchard. Moreover, a flower is also a symbol of cultural progression and economic growth as seen in many different regions of the world. There are countries whose staple diet consists of different flowers, fruits and seeds, along with cereals, pulses and other grains.

Uses of flowers in condolence ceremonies and funerals:



It is sad but true that a flower is also used to mourn the dead. White lilies, cream carnations, white and cream roses-all stand for numerous emotions like remembrance, love for the deceased, peace, soulful silence, mourning the dead, and reliving the past memories that were good.

  • During several peace ritual ceremonies, white lilies are used for remembering the departed souls.
  • Church mass and church prayers are never complete without the use of flowers.
  • A flower is also used to decorate the place and venue of mourning and it instantly lightens up a somber and gloomy situation.
  • In countries like Japan and Korea, white chrysanthemums are generally used to symbolize mourning, lamentation and an extended period of grief to remember the departed soul.

Bouquet: getting different varieties of flowers in a single bunch!

A bouquet usually consists of different varieties of flowers, and this gives a more colorful and positive vibration to the entire flower arrangement. It is generally presented at weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays and also at funerals. It is true that those who have a flower garden in front of their house must be very careful to maintain it. Tulips, Carnations, Petunia, China Rose and Lilies all need different levels of temperature and they should be given enough space to proliferate. Flower lovers can also visit a flower exhibition to select and buy their favorites flowering plant.

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