Features To Look for in Online Cloud Storage Services

It can be a little confusing to choose the best cloud service provider, especially that there is a good number of online cloud storage services to choose from. And each service provider offers different range of services and features that can be beneficial to your company. But with the long list of features and selling points on why you should choose this cloud storage as compared to the other, selecting the best one can be daunting. Due this, here is a list of features to look for in a cloud storage.

Online Cloud Storage Services Features

  1. Security. For some users, security is the foremost feature that is on top of their list. Since you will be storing and backing personal or business files that might be confidential, then you need to make sure that the online cloud service is secured. You can set the sharing option on who can view and edit your files, and only those whom you shared the file can have access.
  2. File protection. You should be able to create, upload and download files. Although this feature common, some online cloud storage services offer better file protection feature that the others. While some just allow offline and online syncing of images, some may offer restore options too, just in case you’ve deleted some files in your cloud storage account.
  3. Accessibility. This is a useful feature since you can access your files using any PC, laptop and mobile gadgets, unlike storing your files in your computer’s hard drive or external hard disk, which has the risk of error or malfunction.
  4. Enjoy free versions to test the service. Most online cloud storage services offer the free version of the account so that you can test its efficiency and ease of use. However, free accounts have limited storage capacity that can only reach up to 2GB. There’s an option to increase the capacity if you can invite and register friends or online networks in the service.
  5. Flexibility in payment terms. If will use the cloud storage for business,then it is best to get a paid account. The registration fee can on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, while some providers offer flexible payment by only paying the storage space that you used up.
  6. Help and support.  Although online storage is easy to use, it is still advantageous if there is a dependable help and support that can answer your queries through email, chat and phone, if needed. There should be resources that allow users to watch instructional videos on how to use the storage and other pertinent information that will its ease of use.
  7. Interface that allows collaboration. The user-interface of the online cloud storage services should allow you not only to backup files, but also lets you create files and remotely collaborate with your colleagues. And with the changing business landscape, wherein one employee can be located on the other side of the world, this feature that allows you to collaborate is a very useful and efficient feature.

To date, Dropbox and Google Drive are two popular cloud storage services, but there are plenty of other reliable options too. It can be said that the two popular cloud storages are used as a benchmark to develop the features of other service providers. So, they may have the same efficient features that are worth trying.