Fast and Easy to Use Financial Calculator

There are lots of financial calculators for the calculations of loan payments and cash payments. These high powered calculators help you to add, subtract, multiply and divide. You can also enjoy extra features of these calculators because these are useful to keep the track of long algorithms. Some advanced models have graphic functions that help accountants to calculate the future growth of the organization. These calculators are easy to use because there is no need to remember difficult formulas. You can compare various models on the basis of price, restrictions and other features. Following are some famous free and easy to use financial calculators:


A decent financial calculator will help you to calculate your finances. It is ideal for the professional sand accounting students. It is a cheap calculator available to get the best value. You can easily do the math with the help of more than 100 different functions. It has a special program that lets you calculate the value of the bond.

HP10bII small

CFP Standards

The certified financial planning calculator is designed to use even in exam. The calculator can help you in the certification exam and offer some additional features as well. It is excellent for students looking to take the certification test in the future. It can save your money because it can be used for long hours.

Texas Instruments BAII Plus

The famous calculator has two versions and it works well for high school and college students. It works best for those who have a strict budget. It offers impressive features and you can handle different calculations and cash flow functions. The calculator is helpful for the depreciation, bond and amortization calculations.

Sharp EL-733A

It is another calculator used for the budget calculations, but the calculator is not good for the professional field. Both high school and college students can use it in the finance mode. You can use it for mortgage loans, cash flows and bond calculations. It may take some extra time to learn about its all functions. You can also take it with you on the certification exam.

HP 12C

It is a budget financial calculator ideal for the students and professionals. The calculator has a large display to help users keep the track of typing. The calculator has more than 120 different functions for business and finance. It can address different calculations like depreciations. It helps users to program different functions in the calculator. It is a cheap calculator available at lower prices to perform various functions. Both professionals and students can use this calculator to make their work easy.

There are lots of financial calculators available at various prices, and you can read the manual to understand the functions of the calculator. The calculators of 12C series have a 12C financial calculator HP manual for your help. You are advised to read this manual carefully to understand all functions of the calculator. The calculators of HP series are easy to use because the manual is available with each and every calculator.