Essential specifications of off Road Caravans

Most of the caravans traditionally used spend a lot of time on roads, and when they are parked, it is done in custom made caravan parks or just by the side of the road or some other convenient locations. However, if you are into real adventure, then you will want to go to all the places with your caravan. In that case, your conventional caravan might break down, and what you need are custom made off road caravans. They can take you to places that you never imagined you could travel to in car. There are some essential specifications, which differ between the on road and off road variants, which makes all the difference.




The first thing that you need to know about is the chassis of the off road caravan. The chassis is the backbone of the caravan, and if the chassis gives way, it will be difficult to get it repaired. When you travel off road, the chassis has to absorb huge jerks and shocks, which might make it weak and eventually it breaks. In an off road variant, the chassis is custom built so that it can withstand more pressure and jerks and you can explore many terrains.

Another important aspect of any off road caravan is the suspension. The suspension is not only responsible for a smoother ride, but it also ensures that the other parts do not suffer from much wear and tear from jerks. This is the reason why it is very important to have a good suspension. In caravans, these suspensions are custom made so that they can give you a smoother ride in all types of terrains, and can withstand more jerks and pressure for a longer period of time. Along with the chassis, the suspension ensures a better, more enjoyable ride.

Brakes and steering control is yet another important specification that you will need to look at in an off road caravan. Whenever you go off road, you will need better security and brakes account for most of it. It becomes tough to control such a huge car with heavy weight without proper brakes. Also, efficient and swift steering control with power steering is an essential part of a safer ride, more so when it comes to off road driving. These two important features ensure that you travel safely. Caravans are mostly used for family holidays and you need a good set of brakes and steering to ensure their safety.

Teach The Budget

You need to check the material from which the whole body and chassis has been made. It is better to have a galvanized steel body and chassis, because it is strong and relatively light weight. Also, if the body and chassis of an off road caravan is an integrated monologue, then it becomes stronger. Along with that, it will be better to have a nice interior that matches the strength of the body with luxury. You can get your caravan custom made at many places these days as a very cheap price.

Some of the other important specifications of your off road caravan should be a powerful engine, that can carry the weight at all terrains. You will also need to have all the amenities that you might need to carry on day-to-day activities in the car, like cooking facilities, bathrooms etc. A good water storage system is very essential in a good caravan, more so if it is an off road variant, because you will not find a place to refill easily. If you want to buy or hire one such caravan, you should always first check these specifications before making a decision.