Are Electric Scooters Dangerous?

Various factors determine the safety level of an electric scooter. Some of those factors include structural, and the environment in which it is used. Electric scooters have been on the market for quite some times now, and I can’t help wondering why so many people still don’t understand how safe or dangerous these machines are, or can be, to the people who drive them and their surroundings.

There have been poles apart opinions on the matter, with some new coverage delivering the idea that electric scooters are very dangerous. While on the other hand, users who have used them only pour praises concerning its safety design. It is a question that many are yet to find the answer to. I have thoroughly researched on it to determine the truth of the matter, and this guide presents my findings.


Scooters can be less stable than motorbikes, basically due to its small wheels that give less gyroscopic effect, and that is why it must stay upright when you are riding it. Also, they have a low center of gravity even with the rider included, and that means it is easier to flick side to side in traffic. Because regulations clearly state areas where they can be driven, the less stability should be an excuse.


What makes some people view electric scooters as dangerous is the place where they are driven, rather than the structure or stability of the machine.  Electric scooters are mostly used on pedestrian sidewalks, or roads. When driven on the sidewalk, the safety of the pedestrians is compromised.

When it is driven on a highway, both the scooter driver and other motorist are exposed to accidents because scooters are much slower and unstable than vehicles and motorbikes. When an electric scooter is being used irresponsibly on sidewalks and other pedestrian zones, it is easy to knock down people and even cause serious injuries to them. When a scooter is in irresponsible hands, you can’t hesitate to put a‘dangerous’ label to it.

Used By Young People

Another reason why some people can see scooters as dangerous is that young people often use these machines, and young people tend to be careless and adventurous. They want to try new thing, they care less, and they want to show off their skills and daring moves.

They want to try new stunts at the expense of other people’s safety. They want to bring on bravery where bravery shouldn’t apply, and the result is often perilous and irreversible. Most accidents involving electric scooters are caused by the scooter and its rider. If used properly, this form of transport can be safer than you can ever imagine.

The legislation that places speed limits on electric scooters has helped reduce accidents and other dangers involving their use. In many jurisdictions, the maximum speed limit on these scooters stands at 25mph or even lower. In such places, the powerful electric scooters ought to be banned in public places. But even with such legislations, people still get away with disobeying such laws, though policing is not to be blamed for it.

It is not easy to tell the power of an electric scooter at a glance. Now you can see the reason why the source of an electric scooter’s dangerousness is not entirely easy to tell. The structure and design of a scooter don’t make it more dangerous than a motorbike, an electric bike, or a vehicle. The way these scooters are used, the places where they are used and the irresponsibility of the people who drive them are the main causes of accidents and injuries or even death.

What’s The Solution?

Serious punishments should come to those who don’t want to obey the law, because they expose other people to serious risks such as loss of lives, to say the worst. If every electric scooter driver could drive responsibly on the surfaces where they are meant to drive on, there could be minimal cases of accidents.


When buying a scooter, check if its design maximizes the safety of both the driver and other people along its ways. Check the breaks and the maintainability. All these factors will determine if your scooter will keep you and everyone else safe. Also, you should be a responsible driver so that you don’t risk your life and those of other people.