Effect of planetary movements on our lives


Astrology in India is of high importance as everyone is eager to know about their future. Astrology has answers to all the problems. People from ages have been practicing this ancient science to acquire knowledge about their future and destiny. It has been observed that studying horoscopes and the prophecies made by the astrologers have brought about a change in people’s lives. Beginning from birth till death, astrology becomes a part of all the activities of an individual. Astrology has been believed to be a progress towards the enlightenment of the mind and the soul.

Astrology, the study of celestial objects is considered to influence the lives of humans. Just like the Sun and the moon play a major role in the tides, similarly our lives also get affected by the positions of the celestial objects. We are connected to the planets that surround us. The positioning of stars and other planets influence the biggest climatic upheavals.

The planets always keep moving. The astrologers watch their progressions closely to conclude what all occurrences will affect us.  The movement of the Sun, Moon and other planets such as Jupiter and mars obstruct the Earth’s magnetic field. This affects the development of the unborn children all over the world as the expecting mothers are exposed to different magnetic fields. Similarly, the movements of planets also influence the natural disasters.

The progressions of planets influence an individual’s astrology chart. Depending upon our reactions to the events will determine our human revolution. As the planets move through our chart, we realise its influence on our lives. Every planet progresses through 12 zodiac signs and the 12 zodiac houses.

The planets that influence relationship are Sun, Uranus, Moon, Mars, Venus, and Saturn. The houses that affect relationships are mostly the 5th (children and romance), 4th (family and home), 8th (sexuality), 7th (marriage and partnership) and 11th (friendships).

Sun is a dramatic planet because it affects the core of who we are and how can we relate with others. However, as the moon progresses, it shows where our emotional energy wishes to be. The respective zodiac sign then shows us in which phase you wish to express your emotions. As the planet Venus progresses through various zodiac signs, it will reveal when you will get your love or will settle. The planet of war and Venus’ male counterpart, Mars affects the relationships in terms of anger and its other expressions.

So, just as different planets affect your relationships differently, it also affects other phases of your life.

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