Taking human growth hormone supplements without a doctor’s advice or for any purpose other than medical related is not advised and can cause severe side effects in a person. Those supplements sold in the black market should be specially avoided where the ingredients, manufacturing standards, the quality and dosage recommendations are not monitored before producing.

There is a different dose given for different purposes. Regardless of what you are looking for the basic rule for HGH program is to begin with a smaller dose and ease your body into higher or larger doses. This will allow the body to stabilize and minimize side effects

For anti-aging and fat mobilization, a dose of 2-3 IU per day will be good of many of the cases. For middle aged and above people, a dose of 1.5 IU to 2 IU is good.

Many people can tolerate a dose of 2 IU with very few of no side effects.

If you are looking at HGH as a general health supplement, then 2 IU is the max you can go. Do not go higher than this dosage.

In case you are going for more, then it is advisable to split the injections into two per day and instead of one. The dosage we are talking about here is 2.5 IU to 3 IU.

There is also a ramp up program to reach your desired dose. For example, you can start with

  • Week 1 to week 4 = Human growth hormone 2IU in one dose
  • Week 5 = Human growth hormone 2.5IU in one full dose
  • Week 6 = Human growth hormone 3IU divided into two doses of 1.5IU
  • Week 7 = Human growth hormone 3.5IU divided into two doses of 1.75IU

Keep consistently increasing and dividing your doses until you reach your desired dose.

For a cycle for 5-8 months it is normal to inject yourself twice a day.


There are many side effects that can occur if the dosage is not taken properly. Side effects seem to appear in the cases where people have taken higher than recommended doses. This also happens when one takes higher doses for longer periods as well.

HGH has been known to cause

Extended belly: HGH can rarely cause the body builder to cause an extended belly. This again causes due to taking higher than recommended dosage.

Joint pain: Since HGH causes growth, there are reports that say that this can cause joint pains. However, this side effect seems to be temporary and usually subsides with time.

Acromeglia: This is abnormal growth of the bone. HGH cannot cause it but incase a person is predisposed to it, then it may speed up this disease.

Hypoglycemia: this is a condition where a person tends to secrete excess amount of insulin. It can be said that this is an opposite condition if diabetes where the body does not produce required amount of insulin. HGH is known to increase the amount of insulin in the body, at times people do suffer from excess insulin due to HGH.