Decorate Your Home – 9 Effective Guidelines to Select Best Wall Decals

Since time immemorial mankind has been known to express his creative lust in an array of styles and methods. That urge still continues. Wall decals or decals are a proof that humans still carry that tradition with passion. However, wall embellishment has changed as humans evolved. From chalk drawing inside the rock walls of the caves to murals splashed on concrete/brick partitions of villas, bungalows and apartments. Decals have truly come a long way.


So, why do we need decals? While some of us want to make a statement, others love the resulting ambience. Whatever maybe the reason you need to make sure wall decals enhance the beauty of your house and at the same time do not contradict with the rest of the furnishings. Mentioned below are 9 effective guidelines to select best wall decals.


1. What is your Objective?

As mentioned above, every home owner has his/her own reasons. What is yours? Secondly, which part of the house are you planning to use wall decals? These questions will turn into a reference guide when you go out to shop. By knowing the answers you make sure decals form a part of the rest of the decor and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb. Integration and flow are two important elements which you should take into account.


2. Subject or a Theme

Wall decals from come in an array of sizes, colours, themes and subjects. The reason is because every room demands a different approach. While children’s room typically reflects decals based on flora and fauna or cartoon characters, master bedroom is adorned with nature or celebrity subjects. Flowers, landscape, artists, musicians and inanimate objects are some of the popular decal topics for the other rooms. However, a dining hall pleads for a different set of themes which could be culinary, cutlery or gourmet.


3. Size Matters

The size of decals matters a lot in case you are planning to stick them in a restricted or recessed area. In such a scenario, if the decal spills over, you simply need to chop off the edges which will ruin the charm and the glamour quotient. Secondly, if you are creating a scene or a pattern out of several decals you need to measure the distance of its spread. This is typically done by holding all the decal pieces with a mild paper tape to demarcate their position and overall layout. Once the position is ascertained individual pieces can then be peeled off and stuck on the designated area. All this means buying appropriate decals in terms of size.


4. Solo Decals or Group

Are you going to use a single large decal or will it be a group of small decals complementing each other? You need to answer this question even before you go out for shopping. If the need arises, draw your plan on a paper or use paint program to get the feel of the concept you have etched in your mind. This will make sure you do not abandon the project and turn it into wastage.


5. Decal Placement

Now, this may sound intimidating. However, the fact is not all places or areas of a wall are suitable for decals. Choose wisely. Creativity counts, so make sure after adorning a section with decals you fetch appreciative glances and kudos. Buy decals after you have selected the position and the space available.


6. Built Style

Most of the decals available in the market today are made from soft flexible vinyl or plastic coated paper. Both offer long lasting service. What about glue? You need to consider glue options. While some are permanent in nature others can be peeled off easily without spoiling the underlying paint.


7. Safety

While most of the decals are non-toxic and do not pose threat to children care should be taken while buying, especially when you are planning to use them in kid’s room. Yet another aspect of these stickers which you need to look into is the smell. Generally, all good quality decals sport neutral odour. However, there are exceptions. The colours and decal elements can also cause problem if kids lick them. Look into all these factors before putting your plan into action.


8. Decorate and Educate

Maths decals or decals based on history are a good way to decorate children’s room and at the same time educate them. For the tiny tots it could be alphabets and numbers spread on the wall in the most creative manner that makes learning a joy. Try out; you never know decals might turn your ward into a mathematician or a scientist.


9. Mental and Spiritual Bliss

Certain types of decals have an unusual soothing effect on mind and body. It is natural for human beings to relate to flowers, gardens, cosmic space, rivers etc. These elements offer relief to patients, especially who are passing through traumatic times. It is not proven medically, but decals ease anxiety and time lapse symptoms typically associated with Alzheimer patients and those suffering from dementia.