How to Clean Your Commercial Coffee Machine?

Handling enormous machines is not a plain sailing. There are countless things that these machines call on to. From servicing to cleaning – there are innumerable things that an owner has to keep in mind. If you are also confused about the methods of cleaning commercial coffee machines, then here is the guide for it.

A bit of interest and a bit of care is needed while cleaning a coffee machine. You would definitely want to serve a clean, fresh and unadulterated taste of coffee. And, consumers would also not like watching your coffee maker messy and untidy. So, it is required to clean your coffee maker machine once in a while every day. Here are some tips for cleaning a coffee machine.

Clean a cool machine

If the walk-ins in your restaurant or cafe are high, then probably your coffee machine would brew numberless times a day. So, for the cleaning purpose, a machine is supposed to be cool but warm. You must unplug the machine from the switch and check whether all the components are cool or not. If you got a green signal, then start cleaning.


Washing Brewing Pot and Filter Basket

For the thoroughly clean of the brewing pot and filter basket, you can gently clean these two in warm and soapy water. If these two components are dishwasher friendly, then you can put it in the dishwasher, but make sure that they come out clean and shiny.

Removing Stains

Coffee stains on a coffee making machine can prove out to be hurdles in making the next cup. If your coffee making machine also has stains, then you can fill up the coffee pot with ice and then cover that ice with salt. The stains will vanish in no time.

Cleaning Coffee Maker

There are many cleaners available in the market that you can buy for cleaning your coffee making machine. But, if you don’t want to go that way, then you can mix up two-third water with one-third white vinegar. This solution is much helpful in cleaning the coffee making machine.

Running Machine with Cleaning Solution

The most effective way of cleaning could be running the coffee making machine with the solution of water and vinegar. It will rinse out all the germs present inside the machine. After running it two – three times with the cleaning solution, run the machine with plain water so that the essence of vinegar can be removed.

Handling and cleaning commercial coffee machines can be an effortless task if done properly. For a busy restaurant and cafe, it is important to clean the machine at least once a day. You can do it while starting the work early in the morning or while closing it late in the night. Coffee maker varies from small to big sizes, and the technology may also differ in different coffee makers. But, you can choose this cleaning technique for every kind of machine. Usually, a manual would also give instructions on cleaning the machine.