Changing Designs of Websites for a Holistic Consumer Experience

There was time when you had to plan the day as per the shopping needs. In case many things were to be bought, you could spend almost the entire day at the mall or the shopping stores. With passage of time people gradually got familiar with online shopping. This saved a lot of time, energy and money for them by using various coupons like Zalora discount coupon. At this time online stores came to limelight.

Online stores sell and also offer the products to especially targeted consumers. This implies that if you have a clothing online store selling clothes for women or could men also but targeted customers purchase clothes only from him. Online portals play a bigger role. They offer many categories of brands and products to select from. Thus no specific group is targeted. Their products vary from clothes, electronic, cosmetics, shoes, sports, home and décor, kitchen ware, grocery etc. There would not be only one brand for every category but many international and national brands to select from.


These online stores save time considerably. They now have almost everything from beds to cushions, cosmetics to eatery. These online stores are very useful but shifting from a site to another also takes some of your precious time. These stores have been designed for consumers and not for any specific gender, age group or status. These are for everyone and whatever you require is available at same place.

The biggest advantages of online stores are that they occasionally come up with attractive offers like Jabong offers for majority of the products and there is possibility of your getting a good deal as there are large varieties of brands and all brands have something or other to offer.


There was a time when online stores had no competition at all for them. These were few in number but were not so privileged. Most people were actually not aware of these malls and their mindset about shopping was still fixed. People generally believed in “touch and feel factor”. Over period of time online stores came into existence, special marketing tactics were evolved, mindset of people changed and the industries moved forward. Online shopping is now believed to be an influential idea and this is primarily because of online malls.

As most of elderly people are free for sometime during day, they spend time surfing internet sites, chat or find out various discounts and deals being offered at online stores. They have every chance making use of super saver deals or very rare deals. These deals are offered by online malls for publicity and retention of present clients. Online stores consider consumer to be the king. Complete concept, publicity and marketing ideas are aimed at the consumer, the king. But consumer is not the only one who gets benefitted from these.

Besides companies, market and the economy the revenue created also contributes to GDP growth and national income. Online stores have completely changed shopping era and has brought luck to consumer, companies and economy of the country.