How to buy Google Moto E Online?

Known for creating ripples in the smart phone category, Motorola has created yet another sensation with Moto E, just like it did a while back with Moto G. Be it price, hardware or features, Moto E will give its competition a run for their money, as it is offering all that the competition offers at an unbelievable price. All brands, be it national or international, would be shaken up by this new entrant in the category of affordable smart phones.

Buy Google mote E Online

MotoE is a dream for the budget conscious customer as it is priced at just Rs. 6999 using Flipkart coupons for mobiles. Now it no longer a dream for the economical buyer to own a smartphone with top notch features, without hurting his budget. With a 960×540 p resolution and 256 ppi, it offers a very good display with bright and saturated colors on a 4.3” display screen. The best part is that unlike other touch phones in this category, which have a low responsive touch quality, this smart phone responds to the touch “Instantly” like any top notch touch screen smart phone. You may swap the back cover but its battery is non-removable. Presently available in only black and white, you may choose a back cover from nine colors to customize the mobile.

The best part about MotoE is that at this drop down price you get hardware specifications that no other competitor is offering at this price. With a 1.2ghz dual core snapdragon processor it also has 4GB internal storage, 1GB RAM and microSD card can be expanded to 32 GB. On top of it you also get a 5MP rear camera, a 1,980mAh long lasting battery and a good connectivity suite. With a water repellant coating outside and inside the mobile, it provides good protection from accidental water splashes. Its Gorilla Glass 3 also gives good protection from scratches on the screen. Flipkart coupons 2014 can be your secret tool to get this outstanding phone at the cheapest price possible.

buy online google Motorola Moto E

With an Android 4.4 the mobile has some handy applications that come pre-loaded. Due to the absence of bloatware the smart phone is quick in response and the applications get launched at an amazing speed, which is the main difference between Moto E and other smartphones in this category. Quite similar in design to the Moto G, it is slightly heavier and wider. Beautifully designed, Moto E is easy to hold too. It comes with requisite sensors located above the front speakers and only a back camera.

The performance of the smartphone is its USP. With uncluttered software, this smartphone can perform even the most basic tasks at an amazing speed. Get this new gadget on the block at immediately and get superb performance at a budget price. If you have not bought a smartphone all these years just because you could not afford one, or because you did not find the price justified, now is the time to get your hands on the best smartphone in the market today. Find more information about Google Moto E here.