Business Promotions using Custom USB Sticks

custom usb

One of the most devices in demand for promotion purposes is custom USB drives. It is a portable storage device that helps to drive your business. With the help of these drives you can easily manage and share useful information, can build the customer loyalty and even increase the brand consciousness. The best part is that the USB sticks can be customized to fit the unique needs of your business.

In order to establish a positive image via these disk drives, you can use them as a trade show give away, or as a corporate gift for your current as well as prospective customers. It gives you an option to preload data onto the drives for marketing your products and services. Data could be product catalogs, sell-sheets, presentations, videos or any other information that can help to make a sale or get a new client.

These branded USB sticks can be useful for many industries. Few of them are listed as under:

Advertising and Social Media: Using the drives you can organize and control sales and marketing data, campaigns and media channels.

Architecture and Real Estate: If you are in the business of design and construction, mortgage banking, property management, interior design, real estate appraisals, brokerage and leasing, title insurance or real estate development then USB drives can be great to be used for promotion. Instead of using business cards, branded USB card drives can be used as digital alternative.

Medical & Pharmaceutical: You can Increase sales of your pharmaceutical product by providing your sales representatives with a pharmaceutical media kit. Sales person can preload the marketing data onto the drives for branding purpose.

Educational Institutes and Universities: USB disks can be used as recruitment tool for the school or university wherein you can preload the marketing material like brochures, campus and community info, photos, videos, and student publications. You can distribute e-books, course material, academic policies and information with ease using the drives.

Music and Film Industry: You can promote your film studio, television station or radio station with a custom branded USB drive. You can market yourself to advertisers by using their demographic data and statistics.

Legal and Finance Industry: The feature of encryption and password protection services could be best used for important documents keeping them secured and there you can add your firm’s logo as well. Using the awesome packaging you can showcase the level of your professionalism and your clients will appreciate the convenience of keeping the records in the USB sticks.

Fashion & Glamour: You can share latest designs and promote your brand thereby increasing the sales. You can send such a preloaded device to your clients to promote the line of ready-to-wear range, market the fabrics or other raw materials.

Sports and Fitness Industry: USB stick is an excellent way to distribute promotional videos and other sports media. It is the most inexpensive way to promote the fitness products. Information like highlights, instructional media, manuals, nutrition guides and related content for tickets holders and consumers can be preloaded for marketing purpose.

Therefore, the custom USB sticks are best suitable to promote the products for almost any industry.