Bring home the elegance of slate worktops

Slate worktops are the latest favourite with designers working on kitchen décor and designs. The choices available in slate kitchen worktops from different shades of greys to even purple, light green or cyan are allowing designers to come up with unique décor ideas. The elegance of slate due to its unique colour shade and texture is incorporated into kitchen décor in the form of stylish work surfaces.

Interesting facts about slate

Slate is a fine-grained metamorphic rock composed of several minerals such as quartz, muscovite, pyrite, and many more. Formed originally by clay and volcanic ash, this rock offers a beautiful and sophisticated look that is unparalleled when compared to smooth textured stone surfaces.

Although slate is quarried all over the world, some of the most sophisticated varieties are sourced from Spain, France, Belgium and UK regions of Cornwall, Wales and Cambria. Some exquisite slate types are quarried in South America, especially Brazil.

Since 19th Century, slate has been widely used primarily for purposes such as roofing and flooring (tiles) or paving. Gradually, it became a popular choice for wall cladding and staircases owing to its unique appearance. And more recently, interior designers are using this elegant rock as countertops and bench tops in an innovative manner.

Why Slate Kitchen Worktops?

Slate has several qualities that make it ideal for kitchen worktops. The first quality that makes slate popular is its natural appearance attributed to its mineral properties. Since slate is formed under pressure, fossils can at times be found in certain slate slabs making them even more unique and beautiful.


Slate Kitchen Worktop and Cladding

Slate has traditionally been used for roofing and paving as it is naturally heat and fire resistant. In addition, it has very low (almost negligible – 0.4%) water absorption capacity. As a result, people prefer them as kitchen work surfaces where heat, water and moisture are the norm.

Slate is also very durable. Once installed as a worktop, it can serve you for years without depreciating in its elegance and sophisticated look. Slate surfaces also require minimal maintenance unlike stone worktops.

So, if you are looking forward to revamp your kitchen and give it a natural yet contemporary look, nothing beats slate kitchen worktops. There are several leading and reputed slate worktop and flooring suppliers in the London marketplace. Make sure you choose the one that offers not only the best quality slate products, but also their consultancy service in helping you choose the best slate worktop. In addition, it is advisable to go for a supplier that provides a comprehensive customer service package that includes recommendations on worktops, installation service, free sample service, end-to-end project management, use and care training, and other such value-add services.

It is important to understand that kitchen worktops are not installed every day. It is more like a lifetime investment. So it is prudent to go for worktops that are ideal for your lifestyle and functional needs while meeting your budgetary constraints. This can be guaranteed by only a reputed kitchen worktop supplier and dealer.