The Best Features of Antivirus Software

Do you want to know about some features of antivirus software which will help you choose the best one for your device?

The below article will highlight some important points which will help you choose the best antivirus software 2014.

Some features of antivirus which everyone should know well:computer with security

Irrespective of users knowledge about viruses or computer usage, exceptional and best antivirus should be simple to use. Antivirus should be very effective in identifying worms and viruses. It should be effective in isolating infected files and identifying viruses. A well rounded antivirus software set has feature to provide absolute protection. Exceptionally high end antivirus software comes with many options of help when anyone is unable to install it. It includes support via telephone, email, online resources like FAQs available for convenience and knowledge bases. Best antivirus program should be able to give immediate notification about viruses found by scanners. It should also provide an easy to read report of scan results which has information about what was done and what was found with infected files.

Best antivirus software 2014 are :

Bitdefender total security : Bitdefender total security combines malware protection engines and best antivirus with impressive parental controls. It also has customizable interface to make at top security suit of 2014. It helps keep away hackers from your banking information and also monitor and manages your  social media accounts for kids. It is a versatile security suite.

Symantec Norton 360 : Symantec Norton 360 (2014) gives an impressively powerful protection engine that is capable of spotting almost everything. With rock solid parental controls, intuitive user interface and exception privacy protection, Norton has become best security suite. You can get it in just $89.99.

Mcafee livesafe : It is a PC security suite which covers everything. Be it your laptop or tablet and you can get it for one flat fee. You can keep away from webs most dangerous and harmful threats off your devices for just $79.99 and with 1 year protection. Slick user interface and robust parental control are additions which makes it a lucrative package.

Kaspersky internet security : Kaspersky is very well known for providing powerful antivirus. It is also best known brand for pc security and malware protection software all combined in an intuitive interface. Kaspersky is offering for its internet security 2014 an updated design and enhanced parental control. It is also offering improved security engine. Its home screen is clean and also easy to read.

Avast ! premier : Avast ! premier 2014 features an easy to follow install process and a slick user interface. It is a budget friendly security suite. It has relatively low system impact which helps in keeping the software from slowing the device while full scanning. Its built in data shredder ensures that all the deleted data cannot be recovered permanently. It comes at $49.99 for one year and is a good value. It offers $99.99 for three years. It gets installed in less than five minutes. Its installation does not require your system to be re started again.