Awesome Things to do in Brussels

See Europe’s take on small towns when you visit Belgium. When it comes to food, architecture, art pieces and many other elements, which tourists enjoy, this very city is the place every traveller must visit. If you’re considering what to do in Brussels, you can check out the Chocolate Tour, Musical Instruments Museum, Cantillon Brewery and Royal Palace. These should get your exploring spirit going and consider memorable sights as well.

Awesome Things to do in Brussels

The Chocolate Tour as Part of Things to do in Brussels

Take on a sweet journey as you hear out how the Belgians cam about with chocolate. In here you will learn about the people’s historical background and some fun facts about their chocolates. At some cultural and artisan stops, you will also get to taste the flavourful goodness of Belgian chocolates. As you visit Brussels, this tour is a must on your list of activities.

You will also get to have a more refined perspective on the Belgians’ flavour profiles when it comes to their sweets. Blocks of chocolates with the best-selected ingredients will surely be unforgettable as you think of things to do in Brussels.

Hear the Most Joyous Pieces at the Musical Instruments Museum

Would you like to see thousands of instruments in just one tour? This is exactly what the Musical Instruments Museum has. When you visit Brussels, you will see how each piece can be traced back even from hundreds of years back. See the most antique and almost ancient instruments in all forms and sizes.

Some of them have been even the imaginative reflections of musical craftsmen. There is certainly no other amazing option if you are wondering about what to do in Brussels, especially if you are a musician or a classical music fan. You would even wonder if every possible timbre has already been exhausted by the museum’s thousands of instrument archives.

The Cantillon Brewery

See how Belgians would brew and manufacture their wines and beers. As you visit Brussels, this exact establishment is a reflection of how its people prefer their alcohol. See breweries, which can be traced back even from over a hundred years ago.

As one of the things to do in Brussels, people the trip in here to be highly rewarding both when it comes to learning about the city’s historical background and tasting the refined brewing techniques of Brussels.

Visit Brussels and See the Royal Palace

If you would like to see how Belgium has practiced Monarchy, then the Royal Palace is something you must see. With its fine architectural details and lushest green landscapes, you will see how its cultural and historical background makes it all worthwhile to visit Brussels. It even gets panoramic at night.

If you are wondering about what to do in Brussels, these grand tours and sights should get your started on your escapade.