Which Alarm Systems Are Best Suited for Homes

With the rising crime rate in UK, securing the home is the top priority of any home owner. And using an intruder alarm is one of the best ways to make sure your household and family is well protected. With an intruder alarm in place you can get the peace of mind and be assured that your home will not fall prey to crimes like burglary and thefts so easily. But while choosing an alarm system it is highly important that you choose the best one.


So, you are worried about the safety of your house and want the very best home alarm system in place to secure your adobe of happiness? While today there are various companies offering various types of home alarm systems, it can be more than a little confusing to choose the best alarm system for your home.

Now, while choosing the home alarm systems for your home, you will face mainly two choices: a wired home alarm or a wireless home alarm.

Wired Alarm System:

Wired home alarm is the earliest form of home security system that requires you house to be rigged with wires. While this system is no doubt quite effective, the main problem with this one is installation. As the installation professionals have to hardwire all your entries and windows, it can become pretty cumbersome process. Another issue that crops up is a telephone line. More often than not a wired home alarm system requires a telephone line to operate and this make it vulnerable to the burglars. By cutting the telephone line connection they can easily disable the alarm, thus making the whole effort, invalid.

Wireless Alarm System

The wireless alarm system works on the same principle as a hard wire alarm, with only few advanced features. Here are some advantages of wireless alarm systems:

  • No wire: A wireless alarm systemdoes not use your telephone line or power; it works of cell phone frequencies and runs on batteries. Thus, even if the burglar or intruder cuts off the power line or the telephone line of your property, the wireless alarm will still be working and alert everyone about the intrusion. This is one of the most valued features that make the wireless one the best home alarm system.
  • Instant notification: The best part about installing a wireless burglar alarm kit is that your smart phone or tablet can be connected with it for better surveillance. This way, even if you are miles away from your home, you’ll receive instant notification in case of any attempted burglary. Here, if you want, you can even enable live video footage of the situation on your mobile.


  • Ease of installation: As you don’t need to use a bunch of wires to install this system, the wireless burglar alarm kit can be installed with minimal interference and wastage of time. This is one feature that goes a long way in making it the best home alarm system.
  • All inclusive security: With the advancement of technology, most leading brands offer all inclusive security in the wireless alarm system. A wireless burglar alarm kit, smoke detector, intercom, gas and flood detection everything can be incorporated in one system, thus making it the best home alarm system available in the market.

To sum it up

While wired alarms can be the older version and more cost effective, the benefits and efficiency of the wireless alarm system quite effortlessly ranks it as the best home alarm to go ahead with. After all, when it comes to safety and security of your family you should be looking for the best only.