Advantages of Using Oracle

Oracle offers many advantages which makes it a popular choice for all database needs of an organization. Moreover, its constant updates ensure that it’s at par with the latest technological advancements. The following article talks about the benefits of choosing Oracle for database management. Read on.

Oracle is one of the world’s largest software companies, and its popularity stems from the fact that its solutions are easy to integrate into organizational systems, simple to use, offers high flexibility and scalability. The best part of Oracle solutions is that the updates do not make it a burden to handle the software, since with each update, it provides a list of new features that making learning new features easy.

Advantages of Using Oracle

The advantages of using Oracle include:

  • Reliability – Data integrity is important for every organization. When it concerns database reliability, few can compete with Oracle. In fact, Oracle was the only database software to have passed the ACID test, which tests the data integrity of a software. Through the years, Oracle has been offering superior performance when it’s challenged with demanding tasks.
  • Flashback technology – This is a significant advantage which Oracle users can benefit from. The flashback technology in Oracle software allow for efficient data recovery in the event of an outage. Application outages are common to happen in organizations, but loss of data due to outages can involve significant costs. This can be prevented when using Oracle software. Therefore, flashback technology helps remove human error and increase database recovery time for simplified administrative and management process.
  • Functionality – The top banking organizations in the world use Oracle for running its business. This is because Oracle database offers functionality that spans through all levels of an organization offering optimum management with superior data integrity. Therefore, Oracle solutions can be useful for any organization that stores and uses huge amounts of data. Oracle solutions offer the best combination of the latest technology and integrated business solutions.
  • User satisfaction – Oracle solutions offer superior customer satisfaction owing to its backward compatibility feature. The fact that organizations do not have to consider an entire database overhaul to imbibe the latest updates in the software can mean significant cost and time savings, which eventually translate into increased profits.

There are a wide range of Oracle training courses available to train users on using Oracle software efficiently, such as Oracle 11g training, Oracle 11g DBA training, Oracle SOA Suite training, etc. Should you decide to train your employees in Oracle products, I suggest you opt for an Oracle authorized training company only, to ensure the training provided is valuable and beneficial for your organization.

What according to you are the best features of Oracle, that make it a popular choice for database management across large organizations? Share your thoughts and takes with me in the comments below.