Advantages of e-reading


With the growth in online technology and convenience, an average user can have so many different avenues to explore. If you are really keen on learning using the online platform, then there are so many multiple ways to do that. The internet and technological growth have made it possible to have virtual libraries arranged for students to benefit from. This is why we see most institutions now have their entire library listed as an interface on their intranet for students to access anywhere and anytime.

This is where the concept of e-reading also originated from. E-reading, also called electronic reading in its full form, is reading through the access of online books and websites. It includes a virtual page based book, where a user will access it through a device capable of connecting to the internet or using a document to open that book. Books based on e-reading are called e-books. The concept has become widely popular and now we see books being released in both the fronts: electronic and traditional. The ease and their reach are far more than traditionally printing a book. Today’s guest post blog is going to talk about the major advantages of electronic or e-reading for any individual.


An e-book can be saved on your phone, device, gadget, tablet or your computer. Anything that can open up a document or has access to the internet can have an electronic book saved in them. This way you do not have to physically carry a book with you all the time. You have the portability of carrying it along with your phone or computer wherever you are going. E-books are the most favorable when you are travelling and do not really want to carry a lot of things with you. You can just save your books on your phone and go to travel.


An electronic book has lots of automated features compared to a traditional book. For example, an electronic book has the option to translate foreign language directly from the internet. If you are struggling to understand the meaning of a particular word or sentence, an e-book can easily look up for its meaning over the internet dictionary and instantly give you complete details about it. You can also have various bookmarks for your e-books to know where you need to stop and start again.

Better reading

With features like bookmarks and highlights, you have a lot of options to improve and enhance your reading with the use of e-book technology. A reading expert also said that e-books allow for a better understanding compared to a traditional book reading.

Free books

The best advantage of electronic book technology is that after sometime, they are available completely free of charge. For traditional books, you have to pay big amounts if the author is popular. Here you can wait for a discount or free availability of the same book. This is what makes the concept of electronic book reading so much more beneficial and better in terms of penetration. As it happens that many times, the traditional copy of the book might not be available in your country.

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