The Advantages of Decorating Walls with Plaster Products and the Different Types

When it comes to decorating the interior walls of home, office, public buildings such as museums or any other place; there is nothing else that is more versatile than plaster. Today, some of the plaster products have been replaced by plastic ones, but however there are several reasons which make plaster an evergreen and favorite choice of interior designers as well as home owners:

  1. When one works on a dry wall there is a lot of dust produced, but with plaster it is relatively low and if it is mixed with water then there is no dust all. Thus, it does not cause any respiratory problems in the occupants of the house.
  2. Next, decorative plaster in any form is much stronger and more resistant to knocks and bumps compared to other alternative material.
  3. In fact, a full plastered wall is waterproof and does not warp due to the pint or the paste used for wallpapers.

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Common Types of Decorative Plaster

There was a time when decorative plaster was restricted to grand mansions, places or large public buildings. However, as technology has improved it is now possible for ordinary homeowners too decorate their walls and ceilings with affordable decorative plaster.  Here is a list of 5 common ways in which decorative plaster is used in ordinary households:

  1. Arches – this is now quite often seen inside large apartments too. It gives the whole apartment a grand and almost palatial look. If there are small passageways with rectangular entrances; a plaster arch can make the area look more spacious as well as more welcoming. In large hallways, designers use columns, keystones or mock support to provide a look that appears similar to ancient Greek architecture.
  2. Ceiling domes – these are commonly seen in large hotel lobbies or large living rooms of the mansions. It helps in breaking up huge ceiling spaces into much attractive smaller areas. This gives a warm and comforting look to the whole room when compared to cold white and stark ceilings. Often lights and decorative products can be hung or installed inside the dome to make it the centre of attraction.
  3. Some Victorian styles are still popular. For example ceiling roses with a modern touch easily find a place for themselves in contemporary interiors. It is quite an eye catcher too, and reveals the style and taste of the home owner.
  4. Cornice– these need no introduction. Decorative plaster cornices are quite often used in the topmost areas of the interior walls. White cornices are often quite interestingly contrasted with brightly painted walls to give a dressy feel to the room.
  5. Corbels – these are mock supports that are frequently used on the outside walls; however, now they are seen in the interiors to lend a dramatic effect to boring square or rectangular openings between rooms.

Remember, decorative plaster, although is affordable in today’s times is still quite an investment so you must use the best of material and also choose a proper plastering contractor to ensure that all your cornices, arches, corbels etc. remains strong and as good as new.

How to Choose a Good Plastering contractor?

It goes without saying that decorative plaster needs to be done by skilled hands and a homeowner cannot do it by him or herself. Thus the importance of choosing the right contractor or artisan becomes very high.

  1. An ideal way is to contact the local builders who must have witnessed or been in charge of dozen of decorative plastering techniques. They are the best people to advise you on the right contractor.
  2. Now, even if a certain contractor comes well recommended; it is prudent to inquire about the years of experience in the field. This will ensure that he knows what techniques will give long lasting results.
  3. Make sure that you get a guarantee for the job done. All professional contractors who are confident about their work will be more than happy to give you a written warranty.
  4. Make sure that you have compared price quotes of several companies before selecting one. You might make the mistake of paying a high price for something that is available at a cheaper rate if you do not do a little bit of research.
  5. Ask to see past work done. This will let you know of the quality of finish that you will also receive.

Above mentioned information about advantages of plaster products. Still want to know more then go here and get more information.