Why it is advantageous to upgrade your smart boards for schools?

It is over twenty years since the first interactive white board was created by SMART.More than million SMART Boards have been made and interactive white boards have been installed by nearly every school in their classrooms in the country. The boards are particularly helpful for those pupils with special needs or who learn in a manner that is visual or kinaesthetic and help the learning of every student. And while the early panels continue to be useful, the technology has moved on and now’s smart boards for schools offer unrivalled characteristics that actually improve lessons and pupils, such as multi-touch control, bigger displays and Bluetooth connection.

The entry level white plank of SMART is the 400 series, which offers an affordable introduction to schools. The crucial difference is the 400 series is one touch screen with no pencil tray and so all the writing functions are obtained through the software that is onscreen.


The 600 series is user-friendly, offering state of the art functionality to really enrich any lesson and continues to be out there for over 5 years. Using technology that is resistive, the SMART Board enables single touch control but through the Touch recognition attribute of SMART is effective at discovering if you are using finger or a pencil and switches between both, without any interaction needed from you. There is also an onscreen keyboard for simple use of sites is detected by the specially constructed pencil tray.

Possibly the largest advantage of updating your SMART Board to the 800 series is accessibility and the double use attribute to all the most recent touch recognition characteristics. This let the SMART Board is used by two individuals concurrently and alone. There are not any limitations on how it could be used – the increased touch gestures allow you to rotate zoom and throw things around the display and perform different activities at once and two individuals can write on any space of the display. There is also a pencil tray that is new, and rather than using different pencils for each colour you choose the colour through one pencil, and also can call up a help service via the pencil unit or the onscreen keyboard. It is the intuitive smart boards for schools perfect and accessible. These are some of the benefits that you can reap when you upgrade your smart board to any of above mentioned smart board series.