The 5 Best Companies for Corporate Training in India

It is very important for companies to nurture the growth of the knowledge base of their employees. There are still many employers who ignore the potential advantages of better trained employees for their organization, in the face of training expenses and time lost in training sessions, which they reason can be better utilized for work projects. However, an increasing number of employers have now realized the multiple benefits of employee training and development that make the cost and time spent a worthy investment indeed.

Simply put, corporate training essentially consists of managers taking out time to understand their teams better, keeping in mind their skills, talent and weaknesses. In terms of long term talent versus long term loyalty, the payoff is more with well-trained employees.


Whereas in the past, employee development and training was considered optional, currently for any business to have a diverse, insightful and innovative workforce, regular training programs are essential for both short term benefits and long term development.

Types of Corporate Training Programs:-

Aside from the regular domain corporate training programs that serve to develop the core professional competencies of employees, there are a number of soft skills training programs that aid in employees’ overall personal development in order to maintain better client-colleague relationships.

These include training programs like Business Etiquette, wherein topics like Professional Behaviour, Networking Skills, Business Dining, etc. are covered; Customer Service Programs focus on Communications Skills Development ; Human Resources Programs teach how to effectively manage changes in organizations; Management and Leadership Training Programs nurture leadership qualities of employees;  and finally, the Six Sigma Training Programs that train employees to be the best in their function specific part of the organization. Other courses can cover topics like Presentation Skills, Time Management, Sales Trainings and Project Management.

Five Best Companies for Corporate Training in India:-

The success of a corporate training program is dependent on the choice of providers, whose programs are best suited to the business goals of an organization and can showcase actual results, thus striking a balance between program cost and impact. The following is the list of five reputed brands in India offering training programs fully customizable to any business demands:-

  • KPMG Customized Corporate Training: A number of corporate entities are offered customized training programs that include multi-level programs which provide access to a large volume of training content.
  • Ernst and Young Academy of Business: They offer multiple approaches for planned professional development. Short-term and long-term modular programs are conducted upon request.
  • Dale Carnegie Training: Programs are aimed at engagement of the employees with their company’s vision, values and missions and strategically align their plans to showcase their best performance skills.
  • Centum Learning Corporate Training: They provide 360 degree solutions for corporate training through methodologies like Instructor Led Training (ILT), Experiential Learning (XL) and Multimedia Based Learning (MMBL), with holistic approaches.
  • Potentia: A leading corporate training provider, their strength lies in customized programs that are crafted to suit the specific requirements of their clients for employee skill development.

In conclusion, it is highly imperative that corporates invest their time and money on regular quality training and skill development of their employees, so as to continually improve upon the existing talent pool.