4 Incredibly Easy Techniques to Create SEO Friendly Content

Do you want to rank well on SERP and attract as much organic traffic as possible? If your answer is “yes”, then you should focus on search engine as well as user friendly content writing. Writing SEO friendly content is not very difficult as long as you follow certain rules. If your content features the right keywords, offers valuable information to the web users and avoids link or content spamming activities, Google is going to love your site.


Here are some simple yet effective suggestions for SEO friendly content to boost organic traffic.

Use LSI keywords: You know how important keyword research is and why keyword stuffing must be avoided, but do you know that instead of exact match keywords, you can use Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords to optimize your web pages more professionally? LSI keywords are the synonymous terms of your exact match keywords. For example, if you run a bakery business, “best cakes” can be your exact match keyword. But instead of using it repeatedly, you can use LSI keywords such as “best wedding cakes”, “best birthday cakes” etc. As you can see, the LSI keywords offer a wide variety and help you avoid the trap of keyword stuffing. Your content ranks well due to these relevant and synonymous keywords.

Write long content: Whether you write web page content to describe your business or blog posts, it is sensible to keep in mind that information matters, not the word count. Generally, you need to write lengthy articles to explain a topic in detail. Take a look at Wikipedia and you will understand what I mean. A 2000 words article on web design can easily outrank a 500 words article on the same topic. The logic is simple. More words mean more information and detail analyses of a topic. However, that does not mean you can write gibberish content and expect to get good SERP rank. If you are writing a thousand words long post, then make sure that each paragraph presents some valuable information to the readers.

Think concise and interesting headlines: Search engines and readers, both check the headline to evaluate the significance of your post. If the headline is not catchy, CTR is bound to get affected. Therefore, you should write 3-4 headlines for each post and then select the one that matches with the theme of the content seamlessly. Don’t use more than 65 characters in an article title and embed emotional triggers such as “incredible”, “amazing” etc. Want a perfect example? Check the title of this blog post!

Link to related and trustworthy websites: Suppose you are explaining Google algorithm updates such as Panda or Hummingbird in your post. Now, one of the best ways to prove the authenticity of your information is to link with a reputed site. For example, you may share an article link of Moz or Search Engine Land in your post to convince the readers. However, the link must be related to the topic, otherwise, it will be considered as link spamming.

Do you have any other SEO friendly content creation tips in mind? Something that helped you witness significant improvements in organic traffic? Share your thoughts with us.